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Unique Jewels Celebrities Shop This Holiday Season

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Jewelry has always been a sentimental purchase, but it seems evident that celebrities are more eager than ever to express themselves by incorporating interesting ideas to embellish their necks, ears, and fingers.

Celebrities love jewels; anyone familiar with the industry will know this. But while the concept behind jewelry may not change, how celebrities wear their pieces never falls short of surprising fans worldwide.

If you want to bling without going off the path of some notable jewelry trends, researching the trends set by celebrities this year can be of great help.

For instance, matching jewelry sets is one of the significant inclinations today. We can observe how celebrities wear properly coordinated jewelry, whether a set of earrings, a ring, a necklace, or a bracelet. They use it to present their best selves at red-carpet events and other formal gatherings. This implies that you can wear them however you please and create a statement while wearing your favorite dress without worrying about what people may say. If there is one thing you can learn from celebrities, it is that you must always follow your heart.

Sharif Khan from Petra Gems shares, “if shoppers are aiming for something very special, they should consider buying high-quality VVS diamonds.”  

This article lists the unique jewels owned by celebrities and discusses the thinking that went into creating these masterpieces.

Viola Davis’s Matturi Earrings

The First Lady, a limited series on Showtime in which Viola Davis plays Michelle Obama, had its premiere this year. The actress looked lovely in some stunning gold and diamond statement earrings.

Satta Matturi of Matturi Fine Jewelry made the Kwe earrings. Diamonds obtained through ethical and sustainable means by De Beers Botswana were utilized to ensure that the earrings were matchless in their class.

The one-of-a-kind diamonds were created for Viola to wear as part of the #BlackIsBrilliant initiative. The movement’s purpose is to strengthen black people’s voices by including them on significant red carpets.

The earrings took around eight months. De Beers sourced approximately 23 carats of diamonds—all cut and polished in Botswana—as part of the Black Is Brilliant campaign.

Diamonds of various shapes adorned the earrings. Pear, round, and marquise-shaped stones enhanced the jewelry’s organic appearance, besides giving it a highly aesthetic look.

The designer opined that they wanted to keep the earrings looking wild and capture an unbalanced aspect. Since Botswana is not known for high polish, the earrings are not made to a high standard but to express untainted and unadulterated beauty.

Kim Kardashian’s Unique Grill

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian enjoys expensive jewelry. She has worn plenty of Grillz throughout the years, including a diamond set in 2019, not long after she was held at gunpoint during a robbery.

She recently acquired a piece that will make every grin of hers gleam. Created by the New York-based jeweler Gabby Elan, the grill comes encircled by two almost-transparent gemstones and ornamented with small diamonds. Since Kim had commissioned Elan to make her grills before, the designer knew what she wanted and produced a piece that immediately brought the superstar to the headlines.

Post Malone’s Pinky Ring

The sensational singer knows how to treat himself after working long and hard to mesmerize his fans with his unworldly voice.

Weighing at 23 carats and costing a whopping $500,000, Post Malone bought himself a pinky ring after completing the US leg of his much-awaited Twelve Carat Tour.

Angel City Jewelers—the company Post Malone assigned the task—went out of their way to produce arguably their best work to date. Isaac Bokhoor, primarily responsible for the job, put a 5-carat emerald cut in the center to support the jewelry item. It is adorned with 13 1-carat stones and a 5-carat sparkling round diamond.

The result was a stunning ring that Post Malone proudly wore in one of his concerts. In a video recorded by the jewelers, one can watch him looking at it as if it were the most beautiful thing he has ever owned.

Verdy’s Peculiar Chain

Verdy is a massive fan of “Vick” and knows how to take his love for the character to the next level. Spotted presenting at the ComplexCon last month, he introduced a variety of fantastic businesses and collaborations; you had to be part of the yearly event to witness the exclusive sight.

Widely known as a multi-talent creative, Verdy wore a rather odd-looking piece of jewelry on top of his custom “Last Orgy 2” varsity jacket. The creativity behind the project only testifies to Verdy’s matchless ability to collaborate and work closely with experts to make some of the most exceptional pieces ever.

The design was made possible by one of the most well-known jewelers in New York City, Alex Moss. Verdy’s instructions about what he wanted and his unending adoration for the character were evident.

The jeweler took their time creating an iced-out version of the “Vick” character. They also sculpted a heart bearing the “Girls Don’t Cry” logo into the panda-rabbit animation.

“This Ain’t Worth Dying Over”

Tee Grizzley’s new chain has more than just pricey diamonds; it also has a message for anyone considering stealing it.

This November, the Detroit rapper displayed his most recent jewelry purchase on his Instagram Stories. He wanted to give his followers a close-up of the diamond-encrusted pendant featuring his signature grizzly bear gripping a fish in its teeth.

In the Stories, he added that he did not mourn any losses since he was sure he would recover them. He then turned his pendant over to show a message meant for rival rappers and would-be burglars. It said, “This ain’t worth dying over.”

Tee Grizzley issued the iced-out wrning following the theft of more than $1 million in cash and valuables from him in early September. Intruders allegedly broke into his home in Porter Ranch, a wealthy Los Angeles suburb, though fortunately, nobody from Tee’s family was home at the time.

Rappers have recently been targeted by thieves more frequently. In October, robbers broke into Megan Thee Stallion’s Los Angeles apartment and stole nearly $500,000 worth of jewelry and cash, among other things.

The same month, a heist at a South Los Angeles restaurant sadly claimed the life of PnB Rock, a close friend, and partner of Tee Grizzley. The 30-year-old native of Philadelphia was fatally shot when at least one armed offender demanded the couple’s jewelry.

Acknowledging the family’s pain due to the unfortunate incident, Tee quickly offered his condolences and took to Instagram to express his admiration for them.



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