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Get Your Dream Matching Couple Rings At Friendly Diamonds

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When in love with your special somebody, your union comes with a promise —a promise to be together till the end of time.

With this promise comes a new beginning. One that was nurtured from the time you first lay eyes on your dearly beloved and then progressed to dating.

The dating turned into a marriage proposal, and now the ultimate vow of love; marriage!


At your marriage ceremony, you and your partner shall profess love for each other and exchange symbolic rings while you commit to being with each other through all of life’s journey.

These rings, the couple rings, are a gentle reminder of the true love that you share with your partner. 

What exactly are couple rings?

Couple rings are rings that lovers exchange to commemorate a milestone in their relationship. These couple rings are generally matching rings shared at a time of the couples’ choosing. 

A majority of couples exchange their couple rings as wedding bands on their wedding day. Most couples today make certain they exchange matching couple rings.

Couple rings may or may not have diamonds but many modern couples are choosing lab grown diamonds to create couple rings that are lab diamond rings. 

Where to get couple rings?

Friendly Diamonds is an online jewelry store based in New York offering sustainable and eco-friendly lab grown diamond gold and platinum jewelry.

The brand follows a sustainable business model that promotes a greener future for the planet by creating diamonds in state-of-the-art laboratories.

The process used to create the diamonds leaves a way smaller carbon footprint on the planet in comparison to companies that mine diamonds from the earth.

 Every lab diamond ring available is crafted certified lab grown diamonds. 

Friendly Diamonds Matching Couple Rings For You

His & Her Rings

The His & Her Couple Rings are a classic couple ring pair at Friendly Diamonds. The rings’ sleek bands crafted with mismatched grooves also have a sandblast texture. 

They are a fashion-forward pair that your guests will speak of at your wedding ceremony.

Endless Love

The Endless Love Couple Rings are a lovely matching pair of rings with concave hammered-like textures carved on them.

The handmade texture runs beautifully over the matching rings, making it ideal for couples seeking a one-of-a-kind set of matching rings.

Eternal Love

The Eternal Love Couple Rings are a lovely portrayal of two souls becoming one. The man’s ring has a flat band, while the woman’s ring has lab grown diamonds studded on the band. 

The man’s ring has a valley structure tapering towards the center of the band, and the woman’s ring attractiveness is highlighted with a chevron look, which makes these matching rings rather special.

Love Bond

The love bond couple rings symbolize the connection between two souls and feature elegant matching couple rings with a textured design at the top.

The men’s ring has a thick, flat polished surface with a textured patch fold, making it a fashionable ring.

The women’s ring is substantially narrower than the men’s and features the same fold but with smaller lab grown diamonds.

Irreplaceable Love 

These appealing two-tone couple rings are absolutely irreplaceable. The man’s ring features a rather stunning mil grain carving fashioned on both the fine metal paths that run across the white gold metal band.

The matching woman’s ring has a similar pattern, with a single row of milgrain carving going down the center of the band.

Two gold tones flawlessly mix into each other, giving the dual rings a millennial vibe.

The Beau

The Beau couple rings are a collection of flat bands representing the true essence of simplicity. The man’s ring is made of an attractive plain metal band that exudes purity and class.

The women’ ring is similar but with a touch more glitter and shine. Along the solid metal flat surface, a row of pave set diamonds goes throughout the band.

Why Friendly Diamonds?

The rings mentioned above are just a couple of curated designs available at Friendly Diamonds. You are sure to find many more couple rings and lab diamond rings crafted with lab grown diamonds in their listing.

 Also know that you get free shipping, free 30 days returns and a free engraving if required with your ring.

The brand also gives you the opportunity to discuss a particular design of your choice by booking a free virtual appointment with a qualified gemologist and ring specialist.


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