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Men’s Kilt Back in Trend

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Isn’t it awkward to see a man wearing a skirt? No, it’s not because the kilt (that looks like a skirt) came back to the fashion industry. The origin of men’s kilt for sale is still debatable. Some say that it originated from Scottish culture and was invented by Irish nationalists, while others say there is no evidence for the above statements. However, the famous outfit of the 1800s is now back in trend, and the reviver of the kilt is west.

Western people now love to wear utility kilt because of its heavy weighted manufacturing and durable quality. Moreover, the Scottish promote the dresses because it is an outfit of honor and represents Scottish culture for them. The ancestors from Scotland attract more toward the kilt because it refreshes their memories.

Contemporary Designs of Kilts

There is a long period between the 18th and 21st centuries. Hence, many things have changed, especially the lifestyles of humans changed with the influence of technology can never be the same again. That is why the kilt designers make some amendments in the manufacturing of a Utility kilt.

Especially in the US and America, the kilts have been designed in diversified styles to wear formally or casually. The men and women prefer to wear formal kilts in offices and casual yet stylish kilts in non-formal events. Another category is semi-formal kilts to wear in evening events.

1. Cont. Formal Kilts

Kilts were designed by Irish people as a sign of Gaelic identity and encouraged to wear on a formal event, especially religious and cultural events, i.e., St. Patrick’s day. That is why traditional kilts come into a wide variety with many accessory options to wear with them. The most common Scottish color for utility kilt is green. Although, you can find Black, denim, dark brown, and maroon colors in a wide range. You may find other colors too.

The fabric used in making kilts is always sturdy and thick, i.e., denim, leather, cotton, and tartan. However, tartan was the only fabric to make kilt in the beginning. But it was costly and was only affordable by the wealthier people. That is why manufacturers adapted other materials to fulfill the requirements of everyone.

The formal kilt has two cargo pockets on each side of the dress and small pockets to keep essential tools. Both options are available for pleated, but the traditional knife-pleats are most common in a formal kilt. The standard or traditional dress is comprised of 8-yards.

2.Cont. Casual Kilts

Casual kilts are commonly used in sports, weddings, and evening events. It is more like a skirt and comprises a 5-yard instead of an 8-yard traditional Kilt. It is different from formal kilt because it has been made light-weighted and from a cheaper fabric. Causal kilt sets on a lower waist while the formal kilt occurs on the midsection. Although, other things are the same in both the kilts except for some minor things.

Since wearing trousers or formal pants gets boring and old-fashioned, it is recommended for American and Canadian friends to try out the causal kilts because they are more stylish and up-to-date than traditional Kilts. Once you get used to wearing the kilt, there will be no other way to find your desired comfort zone again.

These light weighted casual kilts are encouraged to wear in a football match or a ceilidh dancing. Other recommendations for wearing casual kilts are hiking or golf; it is often called sports kilts in many areas of the US.

How to Style Formal Men’s Kilt? – Accessories to Wear with Formal kilt

As you know, the kilt is a lower-wrapped outfit for men; hence, the accessories to wear will be a shirt, socks, shoes, tie and bow, and sporrans.

Adjust kilt

A kilt is the main outfit of your dressing; that is why it should adjust appropriately. Determine that the pleats should change at the back and the apron at the front. The formal kilts of the contemporary world are usually the same as the traditional kilts so that they will go high to the waist with knife-pleated. However, you will find an adjustable belt with it that was not included in the advent of kilts.


The Ghillie shirt is the most popular shirt to wear with formal kilts. It is baggy and loose in style. However, the standard collar shirt will give you a perfect traditional look if you wear it with a bowtie.

Socks and Shoes

Unfortunately, you will not find a wide range of socks and shoes to wear with a kilt, no matter whether it is formal or casual. The single-color, woolen high-knee socks are the only solution to look traditional in a kilt. Moreover, the only choice of shoes is Ghillie Borges, with long laces tied around the leg.


Sporrans are made from animal fur or any other synthetic fur, and they are a great representation of Scottish culture. Dress sporran is the most formal sporran to wear with a traditional kilt. You may find the sporrans easily from any kilt designer in the contemporary world.

How to Style Casual Men’s Kilt? – Accessories to Wear with Casual Kilts

Casual kilts are open to style as you want because you are wearing them regularly. There is no need for any specific technique to follow. However, there are some suggestions by the designers.


Standard collar shirts are the most accessible shirts to style with a straight necktie or without a casual tie. However, you may wear a simple t-shirt with it. No matter the type of shirt you prefer to wear with your daily kilt but determine to tuck it with the kilt.

Socks and shoes

Wearing shoes and socks depends on where you are going. If you are wearing a kilt in-house, then there would be no need to wear shoes and socks, but if you are going anywhere wearing a kilt, then you should wear the same Ghillie Borgues shoes and high-knee socks.


The revival of men’s kilt is Scottish and Irish culture. The fashion industry is now filled with the demand for kilts for men and women. It solely depends on you, how you would prefer to style kilt? And how you represent the Irish culture.


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