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Up Your Style Game with these 3 Simple Fashion Rules

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Your style improves your professionalism. It boosts your self-image as well as the way others view you. Changing up your style and upgrading to more complex, purposeful fashion choices will make you feel empowered, like a whole new you.
Some people are fashion minded and can put together a whole new look with just one idea as inspiration. That might not be one of your skills, but you can still look stylish by following a few simple fashion rules as a guideline.
Use these three tips to instantly elevate your outfit of the day, every day.

⦁ Embrace Sleek Neutrals

You don’t need bombastic colors and big patterns to reinvent your style. Neutrals scream professional – it’s all about knowing how to combine them.

Take RELX as an example, which uses this principle with its design of high-quality Infinity Devices. This design scheme goes with any outfit and never looks out of place.

Choose neutrals in other accessories like:

⦁ Briefcases
⦁ Shoulder bags
⦁ Watches
⦁ Ties

Neutrals like grey and black are timeless and classic. You will always appear professional and put-together when you embrace the sleek neutral hues. Remember to play with contrast when constructing this look. Move from dark to light with each layer of your outfit. Match black socks with your black sweater and layer your grey slacks and coat on top.

The most important way that a sleek, neutral outfit will help you improve your style game is that it shows you off without letting the clothes become the focal point. Anyone you meet will recognize the well-put-together outfit without being overwhelmed by it.

⦁ Try the 8-Point System

Models often use this system to ensure that every outfit they throw together will be appropriate for casting sessions or meetings. While we might not all be models, this method of constructing a look takes a lot of the guess-work out of the process while helping to innovate new style choices. Here’s how it works:

Every outfit you create should fall between six and eight points. Points are accumulated as follows:

⦁ Patterns or loud colors are equal to 2
⦁ Basic clothes are worth 1
⦁ Basic accessories are worth 1

Here’s an example of how this would work. You’ve put together an outfit. You first select pants and a shirt. Jeans, a plain sweater, and a pair of shoes. This look would equal 3 points, which is below the quota. To move up to the recommended 6-8 points you could add accessories, or you could swap one of your clothing items for a patterned or intricate one for extra points. This means that using the 8-point system can help encourage you to add layers and accessories to otherwise basic or plain outfits.

A completed outfit might look like this:

⦁ Patterned slacks: 2 pts
⦁ Burgundy sweater: 1 pt
⦁ Collared shirt under a sweater: 1 pt
⦁ Shoes: 1 pt
⦁ Leather-bound watch: 1 pt

TOTAL: 6 points

⦁ Shop Tailored Clothes

Take your suit from zero to one hundred instantly by having it tailored. You will never know how much difference a perfect fit can make until you’ve tried it.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to have a well-tailored suit in your closet. Invest in a perfect fit today so that you can show yourself just how good you can look.

The Bottom Line

However, you choose to style, try these tips to inspire change and growth in your fashion choices. There is always room to experiment and improve upon your current style choices.

Embrace sleek neutrals, try the 8-point system, and get your suits tailored for a well-rounded upgrade to your wardrobe!


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