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A Quick Guide to Experience Both Fun and Culture in Dubai

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Got an awesome trip to Dubai coming soon, but oh wait, you haven’t done your research about this awesome country?

No research, no problem! Layover? Even better! The city of Dubai is a great way to rack up cool points with your friends and you can experience both culture and/or more traditional cultural attractions in a jiffy. Just take your pick. Going here is even made easier with direct flights from Sydney to Dubai.

Outdoorsy Things

When you think of Dubai you probably think of being outside, right? The beaches, wildlife, and architecture captivate and entice you all at the same time.


Dubai is known for its beaches. Keep in mind that most beaches in the city are restricted to hotel guests and visitors that are willing to cough up some dough to get in. If you’re looking to catch some decent waves hit up Sunset Beach. It’s located in an epicenter of activity and you also get a mesmerizing view of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

Another great beach that you’ve probably heard of is Kite Beach. And as it’s name suggests, people go there to fly kites. Super cool, right! Because it’s super sporty the beach just opened a Skate Park, an outdoor trampoline and several cafes surround the beach, perfect for a post-swim cool down.

A few other beaches include: Black Palace Beach known for its amazing sunsets, the Al Mamzar Beach Park, the ultimate family park, and Hidden Beach, a beach that’s great for getting a little more seclusion.


If you want to get your wildlife on, one of the best places to visit is the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. This expansive haven is home to one of the largest bird populations in the world. It’s free to get in and the flamingos are very popular in the winter. However, the sanctuary is also home to more than 20,000 water birds, 500 types of flora and fauna and many unique birds such as osprey and sandpipers.

Embarking upon a desert safari is another great way to experience the nature and wildlife of Dubai. You will be picked up from your hotel by your driver. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Immediately following your trip, you be driven to an outdoor area where you will you be served food and given a belly dancing show.


What would a trip to Dubai be without a few amazing photographs to make your Instagram audience jealous? The Dubai Marina is a must if you like skyscrapers, the Palm Jumeirah is great place to snap a photo of the city scape. Business Bay is another great option. It’s right underneath a popular bridge and when you take photos you can see the arc of the bridge in the photo along with the Burg Khalifa.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Ask your tour guide for the top spots or do some additional research. Have fun and be safe!


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