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Pros and cons of virtual communication

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What should you do if you have a purposeful and prosperous life, but have no time to arrange your personal life? Where and how should you look for your soul mate? In such a situation, friends and colleagues aren’t always able to lend a hand. Most often, people suffer from loneliness and indulge themselves with imaginary hopes, in vain limiting their opportunities. Thanks to the Internet, you can remotely find the person you like.

Many people who, in real life, cannot get to know a person on their own, are ashamed of him, become liberated on the Internet, and may even take the first step. The thing is that when communicating on the Internet, users do not see each other. They cease to be ashamed of some of their shortcomings in appearance and speech, and feel more confident.

Social networks and dating sites – a web for lonely hearts

Communications via social media are largely based on personal interests. We communicate with our friends, schoolmates, employees from companies in which we have ever worked, and random users who are interested in the profile. Most perceive their page as a storehouse of confidential information about their identity and do not admit strangers to their list of friends. Therefore, dating sites are a priority for people looking for a life partner.

Dating services are highly specialized Internet portals where single users are registered with a certain set of criteria for finding a soul mate. Sounds pretty convincing, but can virtual communication completely replace real-life dating?


Pros of virtual communication

Here are some benefits and drawbacks of this method.

No territorial restrictions

In search of a partner, you are no longer limited by geography, time differences, and lifestyle features. You may be chatting with someone who lives in another country, who is on business trips, or who has a tight schedule.

Psychological relief

Many people are deliberately afraid to meet on the street and prefer the remote format, which hides shortcomings in the form of shyness and relieves emotional stress. 

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Save time

Having talked virtually, you will understand whether you suit each other according to interests. If initially there is comfort and interest, then there is a reason to continue communication in order to subsequently meet and establish a relationship.

Variety of options

The list of dating sites contains dozens and hundreds of people who differ from each other not only in appearance. There are a variety of options you can choose from and you can step out of your comfort zone.

Cons of virtual communication

In addition to the positive aspects of online dating, there are nuances to consider.

Some netizens are flirting virtuality and are in no hurry to transfer communication into a real format. So, you should set priorities and identify common goals at some point.

You can be fascinated by the person you are talking to and exaggerate their dignity. The ideal will most likely crumble and disappoint you after meeting with the interlocutor. To avoid such situations, it is important to soberly assess what is happening prematurely, so as not to flatter yourself.

Flirting online doesn’t mean courtship. Most of your emotions are fictional, and your partner makes the least amount of effort to win your heart. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate not only with a profile photo but also with a real person.

The distance format helps to skillfully disguise the flaws that will strain you in real life. Before allowing someone into your space, try to get to know them better.

Even before communicating with a person, you can find out a lot of important information about him. When registering on dating sites, a person fills out a questionnaire, where, in addition to his personal data, he talks about his favorite hobbies, shares his musical preferences, talks about his favorite books, films, etc. Based on this information, one can understand whether it is worth starting communication with this or that person.

As you can see, the list of pros and cons can be different for everyone and for the most part is the same. The golden mean in terms of starting a serious relationship is a harmonious combination of virtual and real communication.


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