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5 Thoughtful Ways to Show Love and Affection to Your Significant Other

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The truth is all people are different. They have contrasting views on almost all aspects of life including the most important one and that is love.

Because they express and interpret this beautiful emotion in various ways, they have an opportunity to learn each other’s love languages and help their relationship grow stronger and deeper.

Couples usually bond because they have many things in common such as favorite foods and similar hobbies. However, despite their similarities, they may have a different outlook on how they choose to show love and be more affectionate in their relationship. Unfortunately, when the couple’s version of affection doesn’t match up, it often leads to trouble in paradise.

While some people believe one way to go about this is to do grand gestures, others rely on smaller affirmations which can have an even greater impact. Fortunately, there are many ways to show affection to your partner and here is a shortlist of the five most meaningful ones.

Give them gifts

Gift-giving is an effective way to show appreciation and gratitude towards the other person. That’s why the monetary value of the gift isn’t as important as the fact that you got your partner something simply because you love and honor them.

The thing about gifts is that they can be anything from flowers to a piece of jewelry. In most cases, this is usually determined by how long the couple has been together. So, in early relationships, it is best to keep it simple and give small and thoughtful gifts.

But, if you are in an established relationship, then you can go for something grand like jewelry. The best choice when you want to express true love and care are pearls. So, if you want to surprise your loved one with a meaningful gift, you can check out the pearl jewelry from Pearls of Joy and choose the perfect gemstone to give to your partner.

Spend more quality time together

Even if you see your significant other every single day, that doesn’t mean that you are in a healthy relationship. In fact, the best way to ensure your bond is strong is to spend more quality time together. This way you will have an opportunity to communicate with each other and build emotional intimacy and trust.

For example, going on a trip can really help you reconnect with your partner and give you a chance to enjoy each other’s company. Whether it is to a nearby village or to the beach, traveling allows you to create wonderful memories and bring you even closer than before.

Other activities you can do together include working out, cooking or even playing a game. The key is to try new things to learn something you didn’t know about your partner so you can continue to grow and deepen your relationship.

Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels

Do something nice for them

Doing something nice for your significant other doesn’t necessarily mean giving them a gift. In fact, you can opt for a small token of love and appreciation to give your loved one to simply show them they really are appreciated. Doing unexpected things can really go a long way in your relationship.

For example, you can write them a love note and slip it in their bag so they will be surprised when they see it on their way to work. Or you can send them a sweet text message during lunch simply saying that you are thinking of them.

If you want to go a step further with your affection, then you can surprise your partner by cooking them their favorite meal for dinner. The key is to do something that will prove to your loved one that they matter to you and you want them to feel happy and loved around you.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Be their biggest support

Being there for your partner is one of the best ways to show affection and love. This is because people go through good and bad things in life and they often need that special someone to be there when they need them the most.

For example, supporting your partner requires you to understand their needs and put that into practice. This is best achieved when you communicate with each other and know what they ask of you when they do so. Whether they want more affection, need space or simply talk things out, make sure you give them that.  

The key is to show empathy which is often regarded as the magical wand for a healthy and long-lasting relationship. This way you will be showing them that you understand how they feel on a deeper level and do everything you can to make them feel happy and satisfied.

Compliment them

Everyone wants to feel valued, accepted and appreciated for who they are. That’s why it is important to give your significant other genuine compliments which will serve as a verbal affirmation of your love and respect towards them.

The thing about compliments is that they don’t have to be only about your partner’s physical appearance. In fact, you can praise their personality, skills and even their accomplishments.

For example, if you tell your loved one how proud you are of them for reaching a certain goal, you are acknowledging their skills and telling them how impressive they are.

By focusing on complimenting your partner on a daily basis, you actually increase your positive feelings for them. You pay attention to everything they do and use those opportunities to express your appreciation.

Remember to be specific with your compliments and phrase them positively in order to strengthen your bond.

Photo by Diego Rezende from Pexels

Final thoughts

The ultimate key to any successful relationship is to be physically and emotionally present for your partner. This is the best way to show your love, appreciation and respect towards them which will undoubtedly make your significant other very happy and valued. Remember that relationships need constant nurturing, so don’t take your loved one for granted no matter how long you have been together.

Keep the spark on by doing small and meaningful things and your bond will definitely grow stronger and deeper every day. If you can’t think of anything, try a few of these tips and strengthen your bond instantly.


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