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The Art of Holiday Shopping for the Man Who Has Everything

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For many people, shopping for holiday gifts can be a nightmare. Let’s face it, some people are just natural gift givers. They have this innate ability to produce the perfect gift time and time again. For those who struggle, it’s a very stressful time. The question that’s on everyone’s mind who struggles to find the perfect gift is “How do they get it right so effortlessly?”

Giving the perfect gift is an art form. Those who have mastered it favor practicality over flash. The best tip for finding the perfect gift is getting something they will actually use. Don’t misunderstand, it takes a practical mind and insight about the gift recipient to find him something he will truly appreciate. 

Matching the Man

The present itself should match the needs and uses it would offer him. Some men work with their hands and would most appreciate a tool that would complete a task with less effort than one he has that requires more effort. It’s a thoughtful gift that will fulfill a need and be used time and time again.

On the other hand, if the fella you’re shopping for has a refined physical appearance for a day at the office or meeting with clients, a new tool wouldn’t be the best choice. Instead, think of something that would accentuate his appearance like a quality belt or comfortable dress shoes. For the professional man, having something useful to pair with his wardrobe that’s both stylish and comfortable is a win any day!

Where Things Go Wrong

Studies have shown, there is a discrepancy between the gift giver’s and the recipient’s perception of “the perfect gift.” There is a correlation with the price tag associated with the gift and the giver’s notion that the more expensive gift would be a better choice.

For example, think of an ink pen as the intended gift. When given the choice between a stylish yet practical pen and one that is larger and heavier, but looks nicer, there’s a disconnect between the gifter and the giftee. Some gifters may think the more expensive, larger pen is a better gift whereas the giftee would’ve preferred the more practical choice. The reason behind opting for a less luxurious pen is the ease and ability to use it more often. Whenever you are in two minds about which item you want to buy, you can’t go wrong when you choose based on the practicality of the gift


As a rule, you can’t go wrong with traditional gifts for men such as a new tie or a gift card. But if the man in your life, be it brother or husband, has mentioned something specific that he wants, go with that. Oftentimes, you want to surprise your fella with something you think he should have versus what he already said he wants. If you do that, you’re making the process more difficult than it needs to be. Guys aren’t going to say they want something because they expect you to get something else. 

As a rule, men are pragmatic with their choices. Do yourself, and him, a favor and get him what he’s already said he wants. When you purchase a gift he desires, you’re showing him his opinions matter. He’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and feel honored you obeyed his wishes.


If you’ve not been given any clues and can’t think of anything to give him, look into an experience gift. By giving an experience, such as cooking or art classes, you’re creating memories that will live longer than something he doesn’t necessarily want or need.

The man in your life will appreciate any gift you’ve chosen for him. But given the choice between giving the perfect gift and a mediocre one, why not give him something that shows how much you know and love him? Those types of gifts don’t have to break the bank to fill his heart.


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