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What You’ll Experience for the First Time at College

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College is an experience that everyone who attended will remember. When we’re in high school, we dream of graduation and experiencing the cool life of college. Most of the time, we’ve deceived by how it’s portrayed in the media and movies.

That said, it can be one of the best times of your life, with fantastic memories, insane experiences, and life changing lessons. Here’s a quick look at some of the things you’ll likely experience in college.

Power Naps

College schedules can be hectic, and you may be tempted to attempt to grab a short power nap in order to recharge your batteries so to speak. Face it, going for that PhD in Clinical Psychology means you stay busy around the clock with studying and classes. 


Twenty-minute naps can leave you feeling very refreshed, according to researchers. Make sure you set an alarm. If you attempt to catch a power nap between your classes, you may well wake up as your next class is ending.


Before heading to college, you might never have been able to imagine missing your childhood bedroom or that dusty balcony you spent hours on in your younger years, but you will. One thing great college hacks can’t help you with is homesickness. You’ll likely count the days until you get to go home. When you get there, it might surprise you to find how good it feels to be back.


When you head off to college, you begin to realize just how good life was back at home, where your clothes were magically cleaned and out away without any interference from you. Laundry was always done, and you never had to worry about it. All you needed to do was pick out your clothes and wear them. You’ll quickly come to find that college isn’t the same. 

If you just continue to allow your laundry to pile up, soon you won’t have anything clean to wear, and these days come quicker than you can imagine. When it comes to laundry, don’t procrastinate.


Judiciously spending your pocket money is critical. Keep a budget so you know where you’re spending your money. Being totally broke at the end of the month is a miserable situation that’s unfortunately all too common. Be sure you always keep an emergency stash of cash for when you need it.

Communal Bathrooms

If you happen to be living in the dorm, you’ll likely be going through the agony of using a communal bathroom. You’ll learn what it is to stand in line just to use the toilet or bathe in the very same shower cubicle as 30 other people. Always have the right supplies on hand. Be sure you keep plenty of toilet paper rolls and everything else you need for excellent personal hygiene.


At home, you may have had a room to yourself or you may have shared with a sibling you knew. In college, you may have to share a room with other people. If you were selfish with your space at home and wouldn’t allow your siblings in, here you’ll have to deal with strangers there, so it can take some adjusting. You’ll definitely need to learn to be tolerant.


All those times when you’re craving a midnight snack or you need a bit of caffeine to keep you awake to study for that exam tomorrow, your go-to solution will be the coffee brewer. A great cup of coffee will become a portion of your staple diet and you’ll become an expert at making it.

These are just a few of the experiences that might be new to you in college. It’s a big world out there and college will only be your first taste of it.


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