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Blue Diamond Rings 101: What You Should Know About These Rare Gems

Sailun Tires

Diamonds are magnificent earth creations that have captivated human hearts with their beauty and sparkle. It’s difficult to ignore the stunning luster and brilliant light rays that bounce off of them. While people admire all types of diamonds, unusual jewels have a particular place in their hearts. The strength and grandeur of a single diamond can brighten our surroundings, and Blue Diamonds are no exception.

Blue diamonds are one of the most precious and breathtakingly attractive stones on the planet, rich and uncommon. It’s not surprising why many men consider them when buying an engagement ring for a marriage proposal. Let’s take a look at a few things you should know about these rare gems. 

What’s A Blue Diamond?

Clear diamonds were formerly the most popular choice for engagement rings and wedding bands. Colored diamonds have been more fashionable in recent years, particularly among newly engaged couples. To be specific, blue diamonds are among the most popular colored diamonds today; perhaps they were featured in one of the world’s most famous movies of all time … The Titanic

Thanks to the contamination induced by boron atoms in the tetrahedral carbon atoms of the diamond, these uncommon diamonds have a fascinating blue tint. The best blue hue is usually produced by a ratio of 1 boron atom to 1 million carbon atoms. The concentration of blue hue grows with an increase in the amount of boron.


The symbolism of Blue Diamond

Faith and trust are crucial factors in every relationship, and blue diamond reflects both. Blue diamonds are thought to guard against misunderstandings and unneeded fights. When proposing to your fiancée, doing so with a blue diamond ring may reflect how important your relationship is to you. This makes it a great choice for an engagement ring as well as a wedding band.

How to Choose a Blue Diamond Ring 

When choosing an engagement ring, there are a few important factors to consider. Some of these may include ring size, style, shape, and design. On top of these, you will want to pick a quality rock that suits the preferences of your partner. These may include the cut, blue diamond color, carat size, and clarity.

As for the color, deeper blue hues are more appealing but often pricier. This is among the reasons blue diamond engagement rings are quite popular these days. Furthermore, they can come with a complimentary engraving, plus they can be alternated with natural diamonds for uniqueness in everyday wear. Blue diamonds may vary in color intensity as follows.

  • Light blue
  • Fancy light blue
  • Fancy blue
  • Fancy intense blue
  • Vivid blue
  • Fancy deep blue
  • Dark blue

The Cost of Blue Diamond Rings 

The value of a blue diamond is significantly higher than that of any other diamond. Every gemstone’s value is affected by a variety of circumstances, and blue diamond stones are no exception. When determining the price of the stones, the following factors are taken into account:

  • Carat size 
  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Color intensity

The value of a blue diamond decreases as the shade of blue becomes lighter. Deep and bright blue diamonds are much more expensive. A 0.5-carat pale blue diamond, for example, costs an average of US $26 280. A deep or bright blue diamond weighing 0.25 carats, on the other hand, might cost upwards of US $75 000.

Where They Come From

Blue diamonds are sourced from various parts of the world. For instance, these extremely rare rocks can be found in East Kimberley, Australia, specifically the Argyle Mine of Rio Tinto. The Cullinan Mine in Pretoria and the Golconda mine in India are other examples. In general, most of today’s blue diamonds come from Southern Africa, which overtook India back in the 17th century.

Blue diamonds have traditionally been linked with royalty due to their beauty and rarity. These blue gemstones are widely sought after, thanks to their color, as well as their rarity and glitz. These precious stones are extremely valuable, but the fact that they are uncommon has further added to their value.


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