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Embrace East Asian Culture, Style, and the Future with Raikago Streetwear

Sailun Tires

Whatever your preferred look and style, and however comfortable you are with what you’re wearing, it’s important to stay up to date on what’s new, exciting, and trending. It’s also about making a statement.

Raikago streetwear offers a chance at comfort and high fashion, at expressing oneself in a world where everyone wants to talk, but not everyone has something to say. Simultaneously new and classic, Raikago doesn’t leave anything to chance when it comes to helping you look and feel good.

Asian Infusion

Streetwear fashion rose to prominence in the 90s, as a blend of east Asian aesthetic with an urban and hip-hop sensibility. It blended punk, skater, and R&B cultures for those who regularly navigate the city streets and socialize with their crew. Raikago looks to embrace the east Asian influence even more so, highlighting unique cultural components and implementing them in their work. Their products include kimonos and many items feature dragons, tigers, and koi. We live in an interconnected, culture sharing world, and Raikago wants to spread their love.


Raikago sets itself apart in many ones, including a collection of techwear items, from tactical masks to belts and harnesses. It is functionality meets style – or maybe just style – donning futuristic jogging pants, a military windbreaker or “sock shoes.” Yes, sock shoes. Techwear is about honoring the past while embracing the future, and having the right outfit for a tech-driven world that doesn’t have you sitting behind a desk.

Women Welcome

Streetwear may have the reputation of being by and for men, which is unfortunate and definitely not the case in the exciting world today. Raikago offers a lengthy collection of items for women specifically, and even more items that at are pretty much genderless. Crop tops, sneakers, kimonos, skirts, dresses, and combat boots are all available to fit all your styling needs.

 The Sukajan Jacket

Arguably one of the most popular items, and definitely one you should have in your repertoire, is the Sukajan jacket. Translated from Japanese as a souvenir jacket, it’s a relic from decades past that was embroidered and detailed for a specific person and group. Today, it’s the best way to show off your personality and style. They feature symbols, characters, animals, and other cultural significant figure, often in spectacular, eye-catching detail. They portray individualism, strength, and confidence: everything you need when heading out.



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