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16 Things You Do That Explain Why You Don’t Get Laid

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I’m constantly battered with emails from guys, giving me all sorts of reasons as to why they can’t get any women…because they’re this and that blablabla. More often than not, what they say to me is never the actual reason behind their inability to succeed with women, it’s always an excuse. This being said, the following 16 things about yourself are the real truth behind your failure with women.

If you find yourself relating to a lot of these, seriously consider doing something about it. If you find that hardly any apply to you, give me a call and let’s go out this weekend.



1.       You are too weak

That’s right; the first and most important reason is your weakness. You do not have to balls needed for sex to happen. You fear rejection and this stops you from interacting with hundreds of potential chicks. You have problems grasping the true reality of the situation – the more chicks you approach; the more you get rejected BUT ALSO the more you get laid.


2.       You aren’t proud of yourself

You’ve somehow managed to come to the conclusion that you’re not the guy women want. Instead of working towards gaining some self respect you are OK with this terrible existence. If you truly feel this way about yourself, how do you expect any woman on this planet to view you differently?


3.       You’ve got a massive complex

You strongly believe that your crooked teeth or bad skin is the reason you haven’t gotten laid in 6 months. Unless you’ve been on the news because that complex makes you look like a monstrosity, you fail to realize that most people really don’t care.


4.       You don’t care about the way you look

You believe that a man is not a woman and thus he should not spend some time in front of the mirror to “fix himself up”. You think guys that do their hair and dress well are gay but yet, you seem to miss the fact that they are always leaving the venue with a girl.


5.       You don’t care about how fit you are

You somehow know women don’t really care about your physical appearance but again are oblivious to the fact that guys, that work out and look fit, are leaving the venue with a girl much more often that you are.


6.       You’re a quitter

The first time you get rejected in a night, is also the last time because you’ve already given up. Instead of trying and trying (until you succeed) you quickly become #2 (and never succeed).


7.       You say no to alcohol

You haven’t yet realized that a MODERATE USE OF alcohol is incredibly useful in social situations. Even the most socially awkward dude can lose his inhibitions and interact with women. You say no to alcohol and no to chicks that drink because you’ve got principles – while you may have that, you certainly don’t have any women in your bed.


8.       All the girls you meet are from your tiny social circle

You fail to notice that the best way to meet women is to actually go out into the world and approach them. Every social circle will have a VERY limited number of potential prospects. Do you want your banged chick number to be a little over 2?


9.       You are desperate for female attention

You rarely get the chance to be in the presence of a woman and when you do, you do the dumbest s**t possible. You lean in when you’re talking to her, you text/call her 10x time more often than she does, you freak out when she doesn’t immediately text/calls you back, you ask for permission, you show these sings of neediness, you lose her…


10.   You’re unable to connect to women

Although you’ve got a decent age, you’ve failed to realize that the best way to connect to women is emotionally. Instead of sharing an interesting story and talking about how it made you feel, you try to use reason and logic, whilst explaining how the country got in or out of the recession. You feel frustrated that you can’t understand women, or that they just don’t get you.


11.   You don’t know how to get a girl interested in you

Because you don’t understand women you find it incredibly hard to get them interested in you. You don’t know how to make them want you and this becomes increasingly difficult as time progresses. This is probably because…


12.   You’re not interesting

If all you do is go to work/school, come home, and sleep.  Then, it’s probably evident that all you talk about is the only thing you do (work/school). You’ve failed to realize that interesting people do interesting things thus having a lot of interesting s**t to talk about. There are no REAL excuses for not being interesting, or at least appearing to be.


13.   You do not understand humor

You think that dropping random jokes in randomly inappropriate situations is the way to make people laugh. You even misinterpret the importance of making a girl laugh, as in, “Why would she need to have any fun when she’s with me?”. You don’t understand that good humor is spontaneous and situational, it’s hardly ever prepared at home and you also miss the fact that laughter always makes a girl feel good.


14.   You take girls to dinner

You haven’t yet realized that dinner dates are never a step closer to getting what you want. Apart from the fact that this “dating scenario” creates a lot of unnecessary pressure on both parties it also stops you from making some real moves, such as touching as she’s on the other side of the table. Unfortunately you’ve again failed to realize the importance of alcohol. Instead of helping this social awkwardness “date scenario” with something that loosens a person’s inhibitions, you’ve decided to counter the effects of the booze by throwing some food over it. Don’t you think it would be better to take girls out for drinks?


15.   You’re cheap

You don’t take girls to dinner, not because you understand that taking girls to dinner decreases the chances of getting physical and scoring but, because you’re a cheap bastard! I agree that it’s never a good idea to buy girls drinks, BUT ONLY when they shamelessly request it. In every other scenario you just come out as a cheap.


16.   You don’t have game

You don’t understand why the above examples are stopping you from meeting and succeeding with beautiful women. Having game is not just about understanding women, it’s about understanding the society you live in and fitting well into those social norms. You need to adapt yourself to what society desires (fashion, music, interests, technology etc), otherwise you’re just going to be the weird guy that doesn’t fit in.


I’m not saying to become mister NORMAL, because it’s always much better to have some outstanding and unique interests. However, not having any friends, not having any common interests with people, not listening to the music people listen to – just tells everyone, male and female, that you do not fit in with normal society. Think about it, if you have nothing to talk about because nothing interests you, you are doomed to a life of loneliness. Finally, not being into Justin Beiber doesn’t mean you don’t fit in, because there are just as many people that feel the same way. However being into and only into “The Spit” (some freaky howling bad rock band from the 80’s that only had 1 album), is.

This is the sort of stuff I discuss on my blog and in the free eBook I give out. If you want to increase your success with women, visit – a place where the dating mindset is thrown out the window in favor of more direct and fruitful methods of meeting and seducing women.



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