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7 Easy Steps To Steal Chicks From Your Competition

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These days it seems like competition is reaching an all time high everywhere I go and I seem to find myself in more and more sausagefest situations. Unfortunately, even though I’ve got tight game, there’s loads of horny guys that approach chicks as much as I do and as a result, if I sit back and wait for opportunities to approach the ones that aren’t already talking to dudes, I’ll barely have a few to interact with.


So, if you’ve got tight game and competition is fierce, a good way to go about things is to actually steal chicks from your competition (other, weaker dudes). This may sound mean or even immoral but heck, if there’s no hot chicks available you’ve got to do what you can in order to score something for yourself, even if it means another guy won’t be getting any tonight.



Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about stealing girlfriends here; I’m talking about stealing chicks from guys that are in the process of gaming them.

Here’s how you do it:


1.       Indentify and Chose The Right Prospects

In an ideal scenario, you can identify chicks that are very POORLY gamed by other dudes and blatantly steal them away as they would do pretty much anything to escape (this is also one of my favorite ways of approaching chicks as you automatically receive value because you’re instantly better than the other guy). However, this article isn’t about such favorable scenarios but more about TRUE competition which means other guys that have game.

So, a good “stealing” prospect is a chick that’s talking to a guy but hasn’t made out with him yet because this tells me 3 things. She’s not his girlfriend, she’s not his f**k buddy and he hasn’t gamed her enough tonight. Also, she shouldn’t be obviously into him (touching, aggressively flirting, laughing at all jokes etc). If these requirements aren’t met, your chances of stealing are DRAMATICALLY reduced.


2.       Wait For The Opportunity

If the requirements are met you need to wait for the proper opportunity to present itself, this basically means finding the right moment to approach the chick while the other guy isn’t paying attention. You need around 30 seconds or so for the guy to be “inactive” in order to actually make the approach.

In a busy bar, plenty of such opportunities present themselves. He can be talking to a friend, he can go to the bathroom, he can go to the bar etc. UNLESS you see that his game is VERY VERY weak and she’s unable to shut him down, NEVER approach the chick while the guy is still there.

You need to wait for this opportunity and be very sneaky about your approach. In the first few seconds of the interaction he shouldn’t even notice you’re talking to her.


3.       Make The Move

Make your “signature” move. This means the classical way you approach women. Do whatever works for you, there’s no special way of approaching a chick when trying to steal her.


4.       Ignore The Other Dude

You’re trying to steal the chick he was talking to so any sort of contact with the guy can have devastating effects. Just ignore him, don’t even make eye contact with him because that will only give him an opportunity to come back to the chick. Because he hasn’t yet made out with the girl, he can’t just barge back demanding her attention, he’ll just look needy and the chick will quickly lose interest. All he can do is wait for you to either get shut down by the chick or, leave.


5.       Shut Him Down

He’s obviously going to be looking at you both which gives you the perfect opportunity to shut him down. Say to her: “What’s up with that guy over there? He’s been staring at you since I came here, he must really like you a lot, is he your boyfriend?”. Very often, she’ll say something like “Oh God no, I just met him” but sometimes she’ll even hate on him (especially if your approach was good). Basically, the moment you tell her the above, it’s like him telling her “I’m so into you, I want to be your boyfriend” which makes her lose all interest.


I’ve done this a lot and I’ve never had a girl say: “Oh yes, that guy, I just met him but now I’m going to stop talking to you and go back talking to him”.


6.       Don’t Give Him The Opportunity To Steal Her Back

If you’ve done well, you’ll have a guy hating on you because you’ve just stole his chick. Now, all he wants to do, is get her back. Guys that have decent game, will try to shut you down by making bad comments about you or by gracefully getting her attention back. Guy that don’t have game will often try to physically pull her away from you but that NEVER works.


In order to prevent this from happening you need to move the chick somewhere else in the venue (as far as possible from that guy). If he follows you around and she sees him, it’s like he’s stalking her which will pretty much do the job for you. If you stay in that same place, you’re basically inviting him to try and take her back.


Finally, don’t leave her alone. If you’ve just stole the chick from a guy, stay with her at all times. Take her to the bar with you, DON’T go to the bathroom, basically do not give anyone the opportunity to steal her. Leaving a chick alone in a sausagefest situation is quite frankly, suicide.


7.       Superfast Makeout

When you’ve just met a normal chick, the only way to “tighten” your relationship is to makeout with her. This is often, and I say often here because it’s NOT always the case, the only way make sure she’s yours for the night. If your game is tight you can makeout with her in less than 1 hour. Once you’ve pulled it off, you can finally go to the bathroom.


Why This Works…


This works because initially, she will probably want to make that guy a bit jealous (increasing her desirability) whilst never expecting to be more attracted to your “tight game”.


This works because, before a chick hooks up with a guy she will always wonder if there’s something better in this venue, thus giving you a chance and seeing that indeed there IS something better, you.


Finally, this works because the guy warmed her up for you, got her in a flirty mood, and probably got her defenses down. He basically transformed your tight game into a walk in the park.


Don’t be stupid about it


You can only steal a chick if you are better than the other guy. If your game is weak but the guy knows what he’s going you’re going to lose out (this happens to guys that try to steal the chicks I’m gaming). Don’t try to steal chicks unless you’re 100% sure that you’re better than the other guy, in my case, that’s almost always. Also, to be able to pull of a fast makeout , you need to have tight gameand fast attraction skills.


Finally, don’t be stupid about it. Never try to steal chicks that don’t fit the first criteria of this list and NEVER try to steal chicks from “problematic” guys. I’m pretty fit but there are packs of dudes out there that will easily break me in pieces. I’m not talking about muscles here but guys that you know are trouble. What do your think is better? Busting your nut, alone, in front of the computer or having a pack of guys busting your nuts in an alley somewhere?


This is the sort of stuff I discuss on my blog and in the free eBook I give out. If you want to increase your success with women, visit – a place where the dating mindset is thrown out the window in favor of more direct and fruitful methods of meeting and seducing women.



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