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Muscle Lab and SONO Wipes Establish Blueprint for Reopening Businesses in Post Pandemic World

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Earlier today, it was reported that Muscle Lab and SONO Disinfecting Wipes have  officially announced to extend their partnership to make SONO Disinfecting Wipes their  facility’s official cleaning and disinfecting product partner.

This strong statement from  both companies are fundamental to maintain the spread of COVID-19. Why aren’t other  companies following suit, and why isn’t this a mandatory reopening blueprint?  

According to the press release, Muscle Lab had its grand opening in the middle of the  pandemic and was believed to fail in its first year. However, adding IV Therapy and  securing a strategic health partnership with a trusted brand like Sono Healthcare,  Muscle Lab was able to survive and prosper, while their competitors closed its doors for  good. “With the delta variant rising in the city, it looks like we might be headed for  another lockdown,” Muscle Lab Co-Founder Andy Treys said. “Our partnership with  SONO Disinfecting Wipes is a crucial step into stopping the spread of the new variant  and avoiding yet another lockdown. Our clients trust us to help keep their immune  system strong during these unprecedented times.” Andy Treys, one of the founders of  Muscle Lab and the founder of one of the world’s most powerful social media agency has been able to navigate and adapt to the pandemic in successful ways, launching  multiple projects that fit this new post pandemic world, including Shlooz – an online  liquor store

On the other side of things, SONO Healthcare, the parent company of SONO  Disinfecting Wipes, saw its best year during the pandemic with sales reaching record  numbers, so high that they had to expand exponentially, SONO Healthcare  CEO, Arman Semerjian said, “Companies like SONO invested heavily during 2020 to  increase production capabilities and secure the necessary materials for making our  products. The shortages of supplies during the pandemic has shown that most  companies are not prepared for virus breakouts like the SARS-CoV-2 virus of 2020.  Today, we see a huge decline in demand which means that people and businesses are  going back to their pre-pandemic habits of not protecting themselves and their  establishments. It’s encouraging to see companies like Muscle Lab taking the necessary  steps to protect their customers and employees.”  

What stands out the most is the addition to the disinfecting partnership: Muscle Lab and  SONO Wipes are in talks to develop a standalone product for the fitness niche that can  be trusted and used around the fitness world. Vatche Ourishian, Muscle Lab’s other Co Founder and Director of Performance added, “We’re excited about building a product  with SONO that we know our target demographic would love and trust, people are tired  of all the new disinfecting companies popping up, the trust factor isn’t there anymore.  We don’t know what we’re wiping our hands with anymore.”

This partnership between two young companies, that are striving in their respectable  industries, should be a blueprint for reopening for all companies, small and large, as  they begin to service the public again. With COVID cases rising again around the  country, we have put our faith and lives on trusting the safety protocols of businesses,  who at the end of the day are here to profit. This statement by Muscle Lab to invest in the health of their clients shows their commitment to wellness, and all companies should  take note.  


Muscle Lab is a muscle recovery and social wellness lounge specializing  in Cryotherapy, Infrared Sauna, IV Therapy, Stretch Therapy, and more. Headquartered  in Los Angeles, Muscle Lab opened its first location in Pasadena, CA in May 2020. For  more information and to stay up to date, visit their website Muscle Lab and follow  their Instagram for updates.


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