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How to Promote Websites on Drupal: Basic Tips

Sailun Tires

Each CMS has its own characteristics, which one should take into account during the initial optimization and further promotion. During the site operation, we often have to deviate from the standard algorithm and introduce something new, more relevant.

Such an individual approach allows maximizing the quality of promotion for any niche. What does the process of promoting sites on Drupal look like? Let’s figure it out.

How to Optimize the Existing Website?

If you already have a working website, the action plan looks as follows:

  1. The team for Drupal development analyzes the site code, looks for technical errors that can negatively affect the promotion, and fix them. Very often, customer sites are not adapted for mobile devices, and this is one of the important ranking factors;

  2. Specialists study the content of the site in detail, conduct a thorough internal optimization, link relevant data to each other. Competent internal linking saves a large part of the promotion budget;

  3. Then, they remove duplicate pages and close service pages from indexing that should not be included in the search. For duplicate content, search engines immediately apply filters and the site’s position in organic search results get worse;

  4. They create an XML-map, optimize the page pagination and the server response;

  5. The team improves the usability of the site since user behavior is almost the most important ranking factor today. They customize the appearance of the site so that the user stays on it as long as possible, without returning to the search results page. Reducing the bounce rate significantly improves the site’s position in search engines.

How to Promote the Website?

To promote the site, specialists analyze all topics in general and competitors’ sites in particular, examining the link profile of niche leaders. Then, the total budget for the promotion is calculated.

In particular, the process of promotion includes the following steps:

  • Creation of a semantic core, and further dividing it into semantic groups (clusters). For online stores — the creation of hundreds and thousands of keywords.

  • For each cluster, the copywriters create content taking into account the requirements of search engines.

  • Creation of landing pages for main products/services and popular product categories, thus increasing the number of orders.

  • Looking for thematic sites and buying the advertising links on their pages, which will benefit the customer’s site even after the promotion is completed.

  • Creation and running advertising campaigns in the contextual advertising services.


It is not only convenient but also profitable to create and promote sites on CMS Drupal. This is one of the most popular engines that you can work with, but there are not so many specialists who have extensive experience in promoting sites on Drupal. Like any other CMS, Drupal has its pros and cons, but as you can see from this article, there are expanded opportunities for optimization and promotion.


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