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6 Most Luxurious Modes of Transportation

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People around the world have differing opinions when it comes with transportation. There are those who will be content in reaching their destinations without any hassles along the way.

Their objective is to arrive safely and to be on time with their schedule, whether they ride standard buses, trains, aircraft, cars, or ships that have little features of comfort and amenities.聽

Then there are people who take traveling to different levels. Wealthy people can travel to their destinations with excellent comfort, which sometimes they would consider their transport as a moving hotel with luxurious features. There are instances where their modes of transportation are more splendid than their destinations. If you are wondering about these unorthodox modes of transportation, here are some of the most luxurious rides that exist.

聽 聽1. The Blue Train

The Blue Train in South Africa offers cabins that have en-suite bathrooms with showers and large bathtubs. Its cabins have furnishings that you wouldn鈥檛 imagine a train would have such as high quality silk linens and marble tiles. The Blue Train also has grand lounge cars, dining spaces, and world-class butler service.


聽 聽2. Vantare Platinum Plus

The Vantare Platinum Plus is a motorhome with built-in luxurious features for people who travel a lot. You will definitely enjoy a wide range of furnishings that you can choose such as antique bronze, crystal, marble, and Italian leather with stylish installations. This motorhome also has standard items to complete your requirements like a plasma TV that can be set aside when not in use, a king-size bed, and state-of-the-art technology that alerts the driver from traffic jams or any weather disturbances. One of its main features is its size, which is big enough to carry a sports car. There is an option that allows you to bring your own sports car, which requires you to pay an additional cost.

聽 聽3. Sunreef Power 115

This luxurious superyacht is unfortunately not available in the market on general sale. The company of Sunreef Yachts creates the Power 115 when a customer orders it and fits in the exact specifications from their requirements. This 15-foot yacht can accommodate 12 people and has its own kitchen, dining area, and a motorized dinghy. The Sunreef Power 115 also has a crew of six and provides large open rooms to entertain their guests. If you are using this type of superyacht, you may need a luxury yacht mooring such as the Emerald Landing, and avail of their world-class services.

聽 聽4. The Airbus ACJ319

The Airbus ACJ319 has one of the biggest cabins of any business jet in the market at 800 square feet and can go as far as 6,000 miles of travel. This is the ideal mode of transportation if you want to go around the world with comfort and entertainment. Customers of the Airbus ACJ319 may customize this jet with luxury bedrooms that have a king size bed, and a cinema lounge for the long flights.

聽 聽 聽5. Starlight Headliner Phantom

The Starlight Headliner Phantom has all the special features that you would look for in a Phantom, which includes an adaptive suspension for a smooth ride, highest quality leather, a 15-speaker surround sound system, and specially handmade fittings. The Starlight Headliner Phantom was created by Rolls Royce specifically for the Dubai Motor Show in 2013. This luxury car has a diamond encrusted roof with optic lights that makes it a night sky effect, handcrafted by experts to ensure the best standard finish.聽

聽 聽 6. Toyota Century Royal

The Emperor of Japan commissioned Toyota to manufacture four new cars for him and the members of the family鈥檚 transportation. Toyota made the Century Royal Limousine specifically for the emperor that comes with rice paper finishing and wool cloth upholstery, which resembles a traditional Japanese aesthetics. The limousine also has entry steps made out of granite stones to ensure safety of the Imperial Family when going inside the vehicle. The Century Royal has an advanced suspension to maintain smooth ride at all times. It also has a variety of security measures to protect the VIPs.


All these luxurious modes of transportation have some of the most unusual and interesting features that we would want to experience.


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