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The importance of the newsletter in the age of social media

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Consumer tastes change extremely rapidly, revolutionizing even the specific ways in which they approach a brand and its products. In order not to be caught unawares by these sometimes sudden and totally unpredictable changes, companies need to devise effective response strategies, ensuring that their reaction can arouse the consumer’s interest and stimulate them to take concrete action, such as a purchase on the company’s e-commerce site.

The responses devised by the brand, and aimed specifically at its target audience, are almost always expressed in the form of content published online, on social channels or on the company’s website, or even offline, through a careful communication campaign involving packaging, out-of-home strategies, and other similar methods. Modern audiences expect the company to keep feeding them with new content, with useful and entertaining brand-focused material, with anything that might be interesting to a certain category of people, and to be able – this is the hardest part – to go beyond the product, maintaining a friendly and conciliatory tone of voice in each and every piece of content published. 

The closeness between the audience and the brand 

This unprecedented relationship between the company and its audience is the result of digitisation, but also of the explosion of social media. It is also partly linked to the progressive reduction of the distance that existed between the company and its end consumers, especially thanks to the role of the new virtual platforms where anyone can interact, comment, or even contact privately even the world’s most renowned brands. Up until a few years ago, companies were not obliged to publish this flood of multimedia content, which spread across different platforms and disseminated daily at a dizzying, relentless pace. Each brand focused essentially on the quality and technical characteristics of the product, to which both company performance (especially in terms of sales) and the fulfilment of public expectations were entrusted, which until a few years ago only concerned the practical characteristics of the product.


The role of newsletters 

We are now in a historical phase in which content has become the link between the brand and the public, an essential element that can determine whether a certain segment of the public loses or draws closer to the company, which will choose whether to devote its attention to a brand also on the basis of the quality of the content it publishes, particularly on social media. One content that is often underestimated, and which can make a decisive contribution to strengthening the relationship between a company and its audience, is the newsletter. It may seem paradoxical to some, but even today, in the age of social media, an email or a newsletter crafted in an essential and appealing manner can prove to be an excellent means of conversion and information, revealing to recipients a great deal of information that is extremely useful for a pleasant and complete enjoyment of the product. 

Your newsletter should not consist of a single block of text, without any kind of additions, as if it were a press release to be circulated to the media. Divide the text into paragraphs, and insert a witty and amusing sentence about the product’s functionality or a particular feature at the beginning of each block. This will not only help the reading but also stimulate your reader to learn more about the brand, perhaps by visiting the e-commerce.

The audiences of the present must be pampered continuously as if they were children or adolescents in need of constant attention. Attention, in this sense, is represented first and foremost by content, but also by certain special features designed for a certain category of people. It is with this spirit that the best online portals dedicated to gambling have begun to propose bonuses that are more and more interesting, more and more exclusive: the aim is to enrich their offer more and more, completing it with the best casino bonuses that know how to please all users, including players from India or in any case resident in India, immersing them in a universe of endless fun. Thanks to these bonuses, starting one’s adventure in the magical world of online entertainment will be even more pleasant, even more exciting. The games on the site, moreover, have been chosen with extreme care by a scrupulous team of experts, who have carefully evaluated them on the basis of their punctuality in payment, their online reputation, but above all on the basis of their security. 

Traditional methods can also prove incredibly effective in an era dominated by the speed and power of digitisation. A well-crafted newsletter, or a particularly well-timed promotion, can still produce wonderful effects, propelling your brand to new heights of success.


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