This is the Best Option When Looking for Professional AV Control Systems

NEETS is a relatively new brand and one that people may not be familiar with yet. However, due to the response plan that many companies have adapted because of COVID-19, their professional AV control systems are as important as ever.

What makes Neets different from the competition is that they can create an ideal meeting room for both physical and virtual conferencing. They provide a whole line of products and services that can eliminate the previously taxing process of setting up a meeting room. Moreover, the simplified controls can help you automate processes and create an efficient setup that can be used in person or online.

Updating the Traditional AV Setup to Find One that Meets Your Needs

Many organizations have a traditional set up when it comes to their meeting room. What we mean by this is that equipment such as projectors are all attached via a cable. The projector may also be controlled by a remote. On top of that, there is a plethora of equipment in the room that may adversely affect the sound quality if doing a virtual conference.

As a result of this, there is a long list of problems that can occur during a conference. When this happens, things get slowed down, people become bored, and you become frustrated. Meetings that were supposed to take 15 minutes can last for hours!

Neets has the answer to all these problems through their control systems. When you can control all the devices, sound, and lights through a single unit, it eliminates many technical issues that could arise.

Instead of having to set up the room for 30 minutes, you can now just walk in and it is ready to go. Moreover, it also makes the room look tidier and keep your meetings from dragging on due to technical problems.


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