How to Minimize Security Threats in the Workplace

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Security in a work environment is a very critical aspect that should be given major priority by every business owner. Most workplaces are open to the public in order to allow easy access for potential and existing clients. This puts it at risk of security threats, and most owners have had to adapt to various security measures to curb these threats. It is important to take this seriously and not allow any loopholes that might cost you abundantly.

Major Security Threats in the Workplace


In order to be able to keep your workplace safe, it is crucial to be aware of all the possible security threats. This will make it easier for you to put in place all the required measures without overlooking anything. Some of the most common security issues in the workplace include;

  • Trespassing: This mostly refers to access by unauthorized persons. It is one of the most prevalent security threats in an office environment. Some of the most common trespassers are terminated employees who just won’t keep away and thieves who want to steal valuable office equipment such as computers, printers, and photocopiers. Trespassers also cause other major damages in the workplace, such as injuring employees, and at times there are fatal cases.
  • Workplace violence: Incidents occur in a work environment. Employees come from different backgrounds, and it is not always easy to agree especially if you do not share the same ideologies. Disgruntled employees who feel like they are not getting fair treatment from their employers are the main perpetrators of office violence. Other reasons include domestic issues whereby employees facing difficult situations in their personal lives bring their issues to the office, thus causing a hostile working environment.

How To Curb These Threats


Now that we have determined some of the most common security threats,  let us see the various ways we can protect the work environment and maintain a healthy and productive workplace.

Monitoring and Surveillance


This involves keeping a close watch on every area in the workplace. Some of the most critical areas include the entrance,reception area, employees office space, and common areas such as elevators and stairways. Trespassers like hidden areas where they can be able to get easy access to the office, so the smartest move is to ensure there is surveillance of all these areas.

Surveillance, however, will not be effective if there are constant hitches in your system. This needs to be an ongoing process, and one single minute lost out of a surveillance process is enough to allow an intruder to get in.

The best way to achieve constant surveillance is to ensure that there are no electrical problems since surveillance systems depend on electrical energy. Invest in a switch box design that will enable you to protect your main power source. 

Employee Sensitization and Appreciation


We have seen that employees are also a major cause of insecurity in the workplace and have determined some of the reasons why this happens. As an employer, make it a point to value your employees and appreciate them with bonuses every once in a while.

Gifting your employees at the end of year parties or during other office celebrations will make them happy, and this will reduce the chances of violence in the office. Some of the most thoughtful gifts include custom-made leather cases for their electronic gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets.

Also, sensitize them on the importance of maintaining peace and why it is always better to speak out than to act out. In case of any personal life issues such as domestic violence, offer them counseling options and, for severe cases, seek protection from authorities, with their consent, to ensure your employee safety.

Digital Access Only


Get rid of all those record books you have at your entrance. That is the manual and outdated way of allowing people to access your work premises. Modern technology has enabled us to install digital ways of keeping tabs on who enters your building, and this is a much easier and convenient way to do things. To get guidance on the best digital access options, consult business technology experts who will advise you on the same.

Acquiring a visitor management system is the best decision you will ever make for your workplace. The chances of losing information in a digital system are very thin compared to a manual book which can be stolen at any time. Do not be left behind in the analog world.

Security Providers


As much as you might be doing your best at keeping your workplace safe, at times, you might fall victim to these security threats, and it is important to have a backup security company for such instances. In the case of an intruder, you and your employees will need protection, and at this point, you can only depend on trained security personnel.

Ensure you have them surveilling your premises at all times and create alerts in case of anything. Having security alarms at different sections in your building will help in creating these alerts.


Putting up these security measures is the first step at maintaining security in your workplace. However, the most important step is to make good use of them and avoid slacking when it comes to this. Remember, security issues can cause serious cases such as employee injuries and even death, and you do not want to have that on your head, not forgetting the multiple lawsuits that will be filed against you.


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