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Huge Gambling Wins

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Visitors at Las Vegas are sometimes quite sceptical about winning big jackpots as they can often hear people saying that these big casinos were not built on letting people win. But on some particular occasions, some people do win, and not just any petty amount, but big jackpots! Various progressive jackpots grow slowly but surely at Las Vegas, where numerous machines are competing to trigger the big win. Playing on the right machine at the right time does happen and below you will find some of the players whose life changed after they pulled the lever of some slot games.

One of the largest progressive jackpot pay-outs in history happened at the Palace Station back in 1998, when a retire flight attendant was awarded over 27.5 million after dropping $300 into a Megabucks machine. Perhaps one of the most legendary slot machine in history is the Lion Share at MGM Grand. This machine has been one of the original machine available at the property when it opened 20 years ago. In 20 years, this $1 progressive slot never paid out, until in August 2014, when a couple hailing from New Hampshire triggered the $2.4 million Jackpot when they got Lucky Lions symbols in a row.

It’s not just at land based casino in Las Vegas that you can trigger big jackpots, but playing at top online casinos such as Magical Vegas, can also award you huge jackpots. Magical Vegas is the online destination right after Las Vegas where you can feel the magic of this fabulous city. With over 200 online slots you will be spoiled for choice, you have the chance to indulge in numerous progressive jackpot slots where huge amounts can be won. You can play the exclusive Grease Slot where one of 4 progressive jackpots can be won on any spin of any amount. Greased Lightning is the top jackpot on this game standing currently at £125,778, while the smallest jackpot to date called Pink Ladies is over £40,000! There are various other progressive jackpot slots at Magical Vegas such as Groovy Revolution, Fruit Bonanza, The Lost Slot of Riches, Cute and Cuddly, and many more.

Getting back to big wins in Las Vegas, Cynthia Jay is the lucky lady who won nearly $35 million which was considered as the largest Megabucks Jackpot in history at that time. This player was a cocktail waitress at Monte Carlo Casino and she won this amazing jackpot on her ninth pull, while she was celebrating the birthday of her future mother in law. Sean Connery who is known for his role as James Bond, grew up around gambling. And that itch never really left him, as when he became an actor, he kept on betting. In 1963, while he was in a casino in the Alps, Italy, he placed his money on the number 17 at a roulette table, where he missed it twice consecutively. However on the third roll, 17 indeed came out. He left his winning on that 17 spot on the table, and tried his luck once again with this number and again it hit 17. Connery still left his winnings in place, and incredible 17 was hit for the third time in a row, with odds of over 50,000 to 1. The bond actor walked away with 17 million after collecting his winnings on the third hit.

One of the most incredible bet of all time is most probably that of a grandfather who placed a bet that his 3 year old grandson will be a football star one day. Peter Edwards must have surely seen something special in his wee grandson as he went on to place a bet of £50 that his grandson called Harris Wilson would play for the Welsh National Football Team one day. This bet had an amazing odd of 2500:1. And in late 2013, while the Welsh National Team was playing against Belgium in the World Cup, Harry made his debut late in the second half of this match and no one was more stunned than the bookmakers. Harry was the youngest player to represent Wales at national level at the age of 16. So his grandfather’s £50 bet turned into a windfall of £125,000.



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