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These Dry Herb Accessories Can Improve Vaping Better

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If you enjoy smoking or vaping dry herbs, then you know how quickly they can accumulate clutter in your space. From the herbs themselves to various jars, canisters and smoking accessories, it can be difficult to keep your collection organized. Because there are so many herbs you can smoke besides cannabis, it is important to buy the right accessories to enhance your experience. These are a few must-haves for dry herb enthusiasts that you will want to buy ASAP.

Buy a Vaporizer

You can consume your dry herbs with less mess and hassle thanks to vaporizers. There are dozens of different brands, styles and designs to choose from that can better suit your lifestyle. You can buy a portable or desktop vaporizer to enjoy all your favorite herbs and flowers in a more refined way. A smooth inhale and better scent make for deeper relaxation and stronger potency without harming your lungs or requiring additional tools.

Portable Induction Heater

By vaporizing herbs, you can experience their greatest benefits with the purest flavor and quality. Induction heating is easy to use, and a pocket induction heater will allow you to transport and enjoy your favorite dry herbs whenever you want. Induction heaters are often preferred due to their efficiency and preservation of taste. Just one of the many things to consider before you start vaping. 

Conductor heat tends to produce more smoke, diminish flavor, and soil the quality of the concentrate. Induction heaters aren’t essential for smoking herbs, but they are worth trying at least once. It’s generally a method of trial and error to determine which methods you prefer. Induction heaters offer greater flexibility, though, and its precision and versatile utility are making it more commonplace among manufacturers.

Water Adapter

Diffuse your vapor with a water adapter that attaches to your favorite vaporizer. Water adapters can soothe your throat through a cooling effect, which makes enjoying your herbs even more relaxing. You can easily use one with a variety of glass pipes so long as you choose the right make and fit for yours. A water adapter helps remove harmful components produced in smoke, and the natural cooling effect it produces with every hit can both improve your initial experience and reduce lung irritation. This can be especially useful if you’re smoking a strong herb compound that tends to make you cough or hurts your throat.

Whip Screening Kit

A whip attaches to a vaporizer through a tube, and it is a popular alternative to balloon bagging. A whip screening kit makes it easier to clean, replace and reinsert stainless steel screens into your whip. Although balloons are portable and durable, they can accumulate resin and alter taste more than a whip. Using whips vs balloon bagging will tend to offer a cleaner vaping experience, but they do require more know-how and upkeep. If you’re willing to learn the ropes and use them properly, you’ll be able to enjoy fresher vapes every time.

Personalized Glass Canisters

Whether it’s a polished brass lid or dreamy colored glass, invest in some storage canisters and jars for your herbal collection. If you like to cultivate or collect a variety of compounds, then you can eliminate unsightly plastic bags or store-issued jars with your own collection. Just make sure they have an air-tight seal to prevent losing any flavor or damaging the quality of the contents.


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