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Those who think Online Gaming is for Losers are Losing

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Really. Gone are the times when online games were a lame substitute for lacking the proper social skills to face the real world. Once, stereotyped as the past-time of losers who can’t go past the door of their bedroom aside from just getting cold, week-old pizza, online gaming has evolved rapidly and has become more sophisticated over the years that it has become more than just a past-time.

It doesn’t take a genius to say that online gaming has gone beyond entertainment. But for you, we’ll make an exception. Here’s a little piece of advice from us because we don’t want another brother to be missing out.

So, what good does online gaming do to you?

It helps you develop the floating grey matter

And this is actually good for you! Online games gear you to use your brain for more complex problem solving. This is not bullshit! A study conducted by the Max Planck Institute for Human Development confirms that online games help you develop that floating grey matter inside your skull.

So while you’re sitting there, seemingly just trying to waste away your time, you are actually helping yourself develop strategic planning. Increased use of imagination can help you develop spatial navigation and even improve on your motor skills.

Now, you can tell your boss to stop being the sore loser that he is for telling you to stop playing online games during work hours. Tell him, it helps you to build strategies for the company and you know for yourself, it’s not just an excuse.

If you look at online games closely, they are similar to work. You have to solve complex problems and you are given more problems as you move along. The only difference between work and online games are they are enjoyable. Why? Because you are rewarded by winning at the end of every game or at every stage.

By engaging in actual mind work while enjoying, online games help develop the different aspects of human thinking.


It helps improve your visual capacity

If you compare online gamers to non-gamers, online gamers have the significant advantage in terms of tracking objects and are more keen to detect details non-gamers won’t even care.

Visual learners gain more advantage when playing online games. According to a research by Brown University, online games do not only contribute to developing your visual skills, but also enhances the learning process.


It helps you become less of a ‘shitty person’

Contrary to popular belief, staying glued to your gaming seat the entire day is not totally indicative of an antisocial behavior. There is a lot of research on gamers that confirm that playing online games help people become friendlier and more social.

While there are a lot of online videos about gamers losing their shit when they lose a game and while you encounter a lot of trolls (or maybe it’s you who’s trolling) online, online gaming is actually helping people to develop social skills.

Of course, there are online gaming environments out there populated by rage-filled, angsty teenagers who have trash talking as their second nature, but finding online gaming websites filled with mature gaming people can provide you with a friendlier environment to engage in positive social interaction.

Online gaming website such as allows you to engage with other players  through different game types and game categories. In a Casino setting, surely there’s less trash talk, because you’re rolling with the big boys.


It helps you focus

If you don’t read books, for whatever reason, a study suggests that playing online games help people get more interested in reading. One reason you don’t like reading books is because you lack the necessary level of focus to do the task.

It is the nature of video games to be action-packed in the sense that it surprises your brain to recognize the object on the screen right away and make the necessary response. While playing online games, the regular need to shift our attention from one object to another conditions our brain to focus on audio-visual cues instantly.

A study by Italian researchers (yes, they don’t just research about spaghetti) suggests that action-based online games can help those who are challenged in reading, especially dyslexics.

Tell that to your mom.


It helps you fight stress

Your work is already piling up on your desk. Your dog just sharted on your carpet. The garbage didn’t put itself out of the house. When you have a lot on your plate and you can’t seem to cope, playing online games may be the trick to lessen your stress.

Not only do online games help lessen stress, it can also help in promoting good mental health.

Hey, hasn’t the World Health Organization (WHO) consider gaming addiction as a mental disorder? Isn’t it placed in the same category as alcohol or drug abuse? What are you saying?

Well, anything excessive will surely hurt you, but a study done by East Carolina University recommended us guys to play thirty minutes of online games because it is considered a relief anxiety or depression. Apparently, distracting the brain works!


It will help you earn real dough (not playdough)

Have you heard of professional gamers? We’re not on that level yet, but online gaming aside from the previously mentioned benefits can also provide an alternative way to earn cash. For us only getting acquainted with the ways of online gaming, there are gaming environments online that are much friendlier because they simulate real gaming establishments like casinos.

Before getting into the game you have the option to try it out first and see if it suits you in the practice mode From the practice mode, you can then choose to “play for real”. Yes, you really play for real because you’re gonna earn for real!

So next time you play online games, you know you’re not just killing time, you’re doing something good for yourself.


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