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Top Skills for a Fashion Designing Resume

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There is no denying the fact that the fashion industry is a highly competitive one. If you wish to be successful in the industry, you are expected to possess some essential skills, the talent, and the overall ability to execute the job effectively. As you apply for your dream fashion designing job, it is imperative to come up with a strong fashion designing resume.

Important Skills for the Fashion Industry

If you wish to opt for an internship in the fashion industry, the role that you portray might vary significantly on the basis of the aspect of the particular business in which you intend to work. Some of the available options in the industry are sales, editorial work, fashion retail, or fashion design.

In the world of fashion business, some of the daily responsibilities as an intern might include sales, merchandizing, sewing, event planning, advertising, sketching, or promotions. Interns are also given encouragement to reflect their passion as well as skills in the field of contemporary fashion.

As you come across an internship in the fashion industry, it serves to be a great opportunity for learning about the industry and working in the same. You need to possess some essential skills related to fashion work if you wish to succeed in your career. Let us know about the same in detail.

Top Fashion Designing Resume Skills 

When you are listing down skills in the fashion designing resume, you should focus on the ones that directly pertain to the world of fashion. For instance, you need to possess excellent drawing skills for sketching and presenting design ideas. Other skills might be less particular to the fashion job but will apply to any type of job that you will execute in life. Some of these include good listening, communication, persistence, and others.

Design-oriented Skills in the Fashion Industry

In the fashion designing resume, you should specify skills that you have garnered through education, training, and experience that would apply to the type of job you will be doing as an intern. Here are some:

  • Artistic and Highly Creative: Even when you might not be directly involved in the design portfolio of the fashion industry, an eye for something that is visually appealing and creativity is something crucial to the given industry. Your overall sense of style and creativity can help in influencing promotional ads and written materials. The skills in the fashion job should include:

  • An impressive sense of style
  • Creative ideas about fashion and design
  • Ability to convert ideas into designs
  • Excellent descriptive and writing skills
  • Creative Drawing Skills: Interns in the field of fashion require preliminary fashion skills. It would include the capability of sketching ideas and designing almost anything –right from designer garments to the layout of the runway show. While it is not necessary for you to be a true fashion artist, you should be adept at sketching your thoughts for explaining your ideas.

  • Excellent Attention to Detail: In the world of fashion, detailing is everything. This stands true for both the business as well as clothes. You are often required to juggle between multiple projects at a time requiring constant attention. Therefore, you need:

  • Attention to detail
  • Essential project management skills for balancing multiple projects at a time
  • Interacting with all important factors and people having impact on the given task
  • Understanding of Colors, Textures, and Fabric Quality: Whether you are a fashion specialist or a designer, you should possess the basic understanding of the complementary colors, textures, and quality of the fabric to talk as well as write effectively about the products. You should also be capable of communicating confidently and knowledgeably with fashion coworkers and customers.


The fashion world is highly competitive. Therefore, ensure that you are including core skills in the fashion designing resume like communication skills along with other interpersonal skills. Make it a point to highlight the overall knowledge of the ongoing fashion trends in the cover letter. Always consider using examples for demonstrating how you aim at applying this knowledge along with your skills for succeeding prior work at the time of the interview.


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