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Why Is She Making Me Wait For Sex? 6 Most Common Reasons

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Some girls give it up on their first dates while others (the better catches) make you wait longer. The length of time she makes you wait is what decides the outcome of your relationship. Before we get to the actual reasons, I want to point out that if she is having sex with you on the first date/night, she’s either very insecure or only interested in fun. If she makes you wait more than 2 nights (including 3 months or other insane periods) then the following reasons fall into place.

Wants a relationship

This is the central reason that generates the rest. You need to get it around your head that if she wants you to wait; she’s clearly interested in a relationship. Before you even begin to wait or pay any more attention to this particular woman you need to decide now if she is worth it or not. In some cases it may happen after 3 dates but in others it takes months, you do not want to put in all that effort unless you are really sure she’s worth it.

I usually don’t mind going on 3-4 dates MAXIMUM without any results, if I get to 3-4 dates and it hasn’t happened then I either pursue or give up. I strongly advise following the same principles as winding up into a committed relationship without actually wanting it, isn’t fun.

Waiting to establish trust

Moving on, according to the majority of the women that have answered this question, this is their central reason. It means a lot of things to women, much more than it would mean to us men so I will do my best to exemplify.

Most importantly she wants to know that you will call her the next day. She also wants to know if you’re the kind of guy that will not sleep around once she has slept with you. And finally she wants to know if you’re a good investment and being with you isn’t a bad choice (the investment issue can be avoided if you make her feel good all of the time). The only way to speed this up is to constantly reassure her that you are interested, you feel good around her, you can’t wait to see her next time etc.

Wants to know your intentions

This is pretty obvious, she clearly wants to find out if you’re just going to sleep with her and never call her back. This can be easily clarified if you do not insist on sex every 5 seconds. If I get them into bed and it seems they do not want to have sex there’s a couple of ways to approach this. First night I try 3 times (to get to her panties, that’s usually the place where they say no) and if she says no, then it’s no. Second night I don’t try at all, making her think that I’m not only interested in sex and in the 3rd night I try again, but only once.

This system shows her that you are interested in having sex but it’s not your main focus. Keep working this in the same pattern until it happens, 1 night you try, next night you don’t. If followed correctly she will be confused and as being an emotional creature, she will eventually give in.

*Complete side note, that has nothing to do with this article, you can do the same thing once in a relationship and then the woman will never be bored. I’m not talking about sex here, I’m talking about your attitudes towards her, one day you love her to bits, the other day it’s like you don’t love her anymore, then again and again, their mixed emotions won’t know what the hell is going on and the relationship will be kept interesting. She’ll love you for this and will never feel bored.*

Enjoying the beginning stages of a relationship

Women like the attention men give them before they have sex. Some men go as far as to get them flowers every day, take them in holidays and all sorts of things, it’s only natural for women to love this sort of attention. It’s what makes them more interesting women and also our life partners. I haven’t seen many men get into a relationship with some girl they had drunk sex after a night out.

To help speed up the process and going against my entire player persona, you will have to do “trustworthy” and “romantic” things. Get her some flowers and take her to a nice restaurant, no more than that as they really don’t deserve it yet, for all you know they could be very bad in bed.

Doesn’t want to be a considered easy

Some women strongly believe that if they sleep with a guy on the first night, they are a slut. In some cases and this is the reason why at the beginning of the article I mentioned 3-4 dates, girls sleep with you after the second date just because they don’t want to be called easy. Between you and me, don’t you think 2 dates is still easy? It doesn’t even have to be 2 dates, could be 2 nights at the club, you have no idea who each other is but yet, because she didn’t sleep with you in the first night, she believes she isn’t a slut…

Her own reasons and insecurities

There may be an infinite amount of personal issues but commonly I’ve noticed that the following tend to be popular: Bad ex boyfriend that cheated on her (again goes down to showing that you are trustworthy), just got out of relationship (but yet you’re in bed with another man?), bad sex experience (the sex she had wasn’t great and is very unsure about her next encounter – to beat this you have to prove that you’re a stud. In makeout sessions plus kino you really have to work her pressure points and show her that you would be a fantastic lover), trust issues with men or people in general. If she’s got some serious issues, think about other possibilities such as getting another girl.

Why not make her wait?

This is a fantastic technique that I used with some girls and it worked great. It comes to play with my 1 night try 1 night not try system but it’s a bit more different.

When you get her into bed, constantly makeout and do some easy kino but not too much. Always keep her wanting more, after a couple of nights she will be very confused about what’s going on, why isn’t this guy trying anything? Does he not find me attractive? Some guys would go as far as ignoring her quickly when in bed, I had this happen to me one time, I just wasn’t sure if I should try anything or not until, she asked me if I found her unattractive, needless to say I told her about my “feelings” and we ended up having sex.

There you have it, the most common reasons women make men wait for sex. As a last note, I want you to seriously consider the implications of having sex with her before you actually go through all of her hoops. More often than not, it’s not really worth it

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