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The wedding preparations and fuss always center on the brides, and we forget the groom. But, the fact here is that there’s a groom checklist of things he must do before the wedding. Grooms often dint know where to come in, but the wedding day list includes things he can do to make the day perfect.

The groom will pick out a befitting suit, and also mastering his vows for the wedding ring exchange. He will handle his family and arrange a thoughtful bridal gift and lots more important things. If you’re a groom and this is all new, we’ve listed the top 10 to-do wedding tips for the groom.

Plan the honeymoon 

In old times, the honeymoon is always a surprise from the groom to the bride. You know the “pack a bag and meet me at the airport” type? But these days, couples plan their honeymoon together, most times with joint resources. Whichever way, the groom should go all out to ensure that an aspect of the honeymoon is a surprise. Stuff like fun activities or taking her to see somewhere on her bucket list. Anything creative the groom can come up with the give her the best time.

Handle his family 

To avoid problems such as stress for the bride and groom on the wedding day. He must deal with and stall drama from his side of the family. From sisters having a problem with the bridesmaid dress to his mother wanting to lord the bride. The aunties giving unsolicited opinions and stressing out the bride, the groom must control. He’s in the best position to talk to them.

Perfect and master his vows

For couples who create their vows, the bride is always ready. She’d take her time to master the vows for her, including wedding ceremony ring exchange wording. So the groom must bring his A-game and not leave it for last minute. Even if it’s not an original, write, perfect, and recite it always.

Sort out the playlist with the bride 

These are songs that mean a lot to couples and will want to dance to them on the wedding day. The groom will sit with the bride and DJ to pick our songs and create a playlist for the wedding. This is always a tough aspect, just like sorting out the guest list. But it is fun if they can come to a consensus afterward.

Learning to dance 

It is beautiful when a couple can choreograph a song at first dance. So, have it on the groom checklist to sign up for dance classes six months to the wedding. This gives the groom ample time to perfect skills. The couple could turn this into a fun time, using it to bond more. All the groom need do is loosen up, and enjoy the ride.

Plan a heartwarming surprise for the bride on the wedding day

This is top of the things for the groom to do on the wedding day. He will get the bride something thoughtful and have it delivered to her on the D-day. This is a traditional practice gone on for ages. Attach a heartfelt note and time if for delivery when she’s getting ready. She’s sure going to shed a tear.

Style himself to suit wedding style and theme

He must pick out his suit and style it to perfection to fit wedding style and theme. The groom must understand the style of the wedding, whether traditional, destination, beach or otherwise. And he will match the bride with his suit style. The groom will also put finishing touches by accessorizing right.

Make the bride blush with random romantic notes

The little things that count and one of the duties of the groom on the wedding day. This is because lots of cold feet and jitters surface during wedding planning. So, it’s necessary to reassure and let the bride know of his undying love. He should drop random romantic notes at places the bride will see them. This will make blush and want to walk down that aisle real quick.

Get a timely haircut

It should be on the groom’s wedding day list to get a timely haircut. The best time to have this haircut is about two weeks before the wedding. This gives the hair time to grow out to fit his face. It’s not advisable to cut his hair a day before the wedding. There won’t be time for the hair to grow out.

Enlist a cleaning service 

The duration of wedding preparation and even up to honeymoon will get stressful. And if the allows, their home will turn into a pigsty with many things misplaced. On his wedding day list must be a plan to enlist the services of a cleaning agency. They will keep his home in pristine conditions even as he goes through with the wedding and honeymoon.

Above is the top ten things-to-do on the groom checklist. Our wedding advice for the groom is to follow through.


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