The Five Most Popular Blank Apparel Brands With A Social Conscience

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Social responsibility in the apparel industry is an important aspect to consider when comparing wholesale options. High quality materials can sometimes come at a cost to our planet. However, the companies listed here are leaders in wholesale apparel and are also socially responsible. This means they assess their impact on the environment and take steps to minimize their footprint.

American Apparel – Globally Sourced, Ethically Made, Still Sweatshop Free.

American Apparel is based out of Los Angeles and are “Bringing you the best basics since 1989”. Their brand is well-known for their minimal, yet versatile, range of clothing options. Their original goal was to create the most affordable and quality made American t-shirt. Along the way, American Apparel has become a premier choice for consumers and wholesale fashions alike. Their clothing options are a base for self-expression.

While providing consumers with trendy blank t-shirts, American Apparel also respects the environment and our planet. The Honduran and Dominican Republic facilities are home to Biotop, a natural way of treating and filtering used water. The system is able to do this by utilizing multiple lagoons. Water is never discharged into any protected rivers, streams, or wetlands. This led to their products resulting in a 34% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Bella + Canvas – Earth First. Always.

Bella + Canvas was co-founded by best friends Danny and Marco. The company was created in response to the lack of women’s products on the market. In 2010, they created the first ever 40 single tri-blend. Bella + Canvas has been changing the wholesale fashion game ever since.

Bella + Canvas believes “Earth First. Always” during every stage of their production process. They use seven times less water than the average manufacturer because they utilize more efficient processes. Water that is used goes through a filtration system to be recycled. Solar energy powers their sewing and cutting stations, as well as lights throughout the facility.

Comfort Colors – Making Apparel Better™

Comfort Colors is a leader in the wholesale blank apparel market. The color palette surrounding their brand is nature inspired, which results in soft tones. These colors are complemented by how buttery soft their clothing options feel. In 2018, their Drop Shoulder Long Sleeve Tee was released, setting them apart from other wholesalers.  Comfort Colors is constantly perfecting their dyeing process and never cuts corners.

Comfort Colors strives to “Make Apparel Better…That’s our vision”. Comfort Colors takes into consideration the impact they have on the environment into every decision that they make. They have a commitment to develop and implement innovative technologies that help minimize the effects they have on the planet. Forty-percent of their total energy actually comes from renewable resources.

Gildan – Genuine Responsibility™

Gildan is one of the most popular blank shirts brands. Gildan creates high-quality apparel for the whole family. Their clothing ranges from casual to athleisure. Their mission is: “We create value in everything we do”. They want to be respected not only for the quality of their products, but for how they achieve that quality.

Over the years, Gildan has implemented leading programs for communities and the environment. They are continuously monitoring the impact their production process has on the earth and take the necessary steps in order to minimize that footprint. Gildan’s wholesale clothing process focuses on reducing energy and using less water. They assess every process in production to see where waste can be minimized, and renewable resources can be utilized.

Next Level Apparel- Standard of Excellence

If you want the trendiest wholesale blank apparel, look no further. Next Level Apparel is a leader in innovative fabrics and ring-spun cotton blends. They strive to define themselves in this competitive market by providing diverse styles with high quality materials.

Next Level Apparel is committed to implementing ethical and responsible practices into every aspect of their business, at every level. Next Level Apparel requires every employee to abide by their guidelines on conduct and respect for the environment.

Wholesale fashion can sometimes come at a cost to our planet, but these blank apparel brands are redefining the industry by being socially conscience. They are taking the necessary steps and putting forth the extra effort to help minimize waste and implement sustainable practices.


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