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7 Social Media Oriented Digital Marketing Trends to Pursue in 2022

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As the year 2022  begins to settle, it’s time to look at which digital marketing trends to start trying in the second quarter. By this time, you should have now analyzed the digital marketing trends that were predicted at the end of the previous year or the beginning of the year and seen which ones can work for you best. Based on your audience’s activities and your marketing budget, it’s now easier to know what to focus on for the best return on investments. Let’s look at some of the digital marketing trends that you can try out in 2022:

1. Influencer Marketing

Many companies are using influencer marketing to speak to their audience through influencer endorsements and product mentions. Many influencers are omnichannel with a dedicated social media following and are influential persons, thought-leaders, or experts within a particular niche. They’ve built trust with their followers and command their attention and respect. If an influencer endorses or recommends a product, service, or company, their followers will likely try to find out more or make purchases. The best way to conduct successful influencer marketing is to use influencer marketing CRM to track, monitor, and manage your influencers.  

2. LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a powerful social media platform that continues to expand its features and offers as its user-base rapidly grows. It is the most used networking platform for B2B lead generation, with over 740 million professionals worldwide. LinkedIn allows company pages to go Live, giving them an opportunity for more direct interaction with their followers. If you’re looking to reach professionals and a business-minded audience, LinkedIn is the platform of your choice.

3. Podcast Marketing

Podcasting is becoming popular every day among marketers. A good podcast can help you improve your mobile marketing strategy while outsmarting other lead generation social media platforms. There are different methods of podcasting for awareness and lead generation. For example, you can create your own podcast to educate your audience about your product or service, become a guest in popular podcasts and market your brand or a combination of both.

4. Video Marketing

The rise of short DIY videos in TikTok and Instagram has created a wave of video marketing that companies have adopted to improve their brand awareness and drive sales. And video marketing continues to rise. According to Cisco, by the end of 2022, online videos will constitute more than 82% of internet traffic, with social media having the highest number of videos.

If your company is yet to start utilizing video content, this is the time to start making videos. A video is also an essential tool for influencer marketing as they can make the videos by themselves and send them online because video content works across different channels.

5. YouTube Marketing

This is a great social media marketing strategy that involves creating and uploading videos on YouTube to gain brand exposure. YouTube is a great place to market your brand through short or long video content and a great way to boost traffic, reach new audiences, increase leads, and convert some customers. As you create more video content, YouTube should be your first step of action, then repurpose them to other social media pages and embed them into related website pages, email newsletters, and blog posts. This way, you will leverage this content and increase your organic traffic, creating more leads and sales.

6. Continue With Email Marketing

Email marketing is as vital as ever and has now taken center stage in content marketing and customer outreach. This is partly because mail provides open, direct communication and helps companies reach a wider audience right in their inboxes. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies began to rely on e-mail marketing and outreach to connect with their customers and the entire audience. Today, e-mail has become sales and marketing’s most important channel, with 91% of companies saying email marketing is their most critical marketing channel. Suppose your email marketing isn’t structured. In that case, you need to build a segmented email list to enable you to tailor specific marketing messages to different groups of your audience base.

7. Personalization 

Everything we’ve done about marketing tends to be about the business and not about the customer. This is changing with the increase in social media usage. Companies are now making content personalized and memorable to the customer by inviting the audience to interact with them in real life. This brings about customer engagement that supports outreach and lead generation.  Personalized marketing is changing the face of tech by leveraging customer data and social media to deliver product offerings and individualized messages that meet customers’ needs and support their priorities, resulting in improved customer experience. 


You can choose to combine all these marketing strategies or use them separately. In whatever you do, make sure the marketing message or offer is personalized to the target audience you’re trying to reach. This will enable you to build a good customer experience and a loyal customer base.


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