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The Top 10 Yacht Security Systems To Safeguard Your Vessel

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For most boat owners, their yacht is their prize possession, and rightly so. As such, it鈥檚 no surprise that modern yacht owners are considering new and innovative ways to protect and safeguard their assets.

From piracy to paparazzi – ensuring the security and privacy of guests on board a superyacht is always a priority. And now, with ever-evolving technology, superyacht owners can unlock access to secret-service-level security systems – the kind you would expect to see in your favourite James Bond film.

Although still very uncommon, piracy attacks in some remote locations are rising. The use of technologies, such as drones, can help to mitigate the risk significantly. As superyachts become increasingly extravagant, it鈥檚 easy to see why they might attract the wrong attention from time to time. Whilst these attacks are incredibly rare, it鈥檚 wise to ensure your yacht is prepared for every eventuality.

From futuristic motion-sensing floor panels to anti-drone force fields – the vast array of security systems available to the modern yacht Owner is impressive, to say the least.



Much like the awesome pieces of kit you are prone to seeing in high-speed, action-packed blockbusters, these watertight pods are constructed from technologically advanced materials to resist impact. With built-in GPS trackers, temperature and fire barrier controls, and air purification systems, they have everything you and your guests need to flee the scene quickly and safely – whether to escape onboard trespassers or flee an out-of-control fire.

Oceanco has developed a new concept known as 鈥楲ife Pods鈥, which perform like a citadel room, but can be ejected from the yacht in an emergency. Allowing for a rapid escape for any number of reasons, these Life Pods are a game-changing concept that will likely be in high demand once they have been developed.


Sonar systems are also an increasingly popular security system, allowing the Captain on board the yacht to detect potential underwater threats up to 900 metres below the surface. The systems can identify, track, and detect divers, submersibles, and other underwater activity.

These security tracking systems can even be implemented on a boat鈥檚 tenders for an even further range of visibility. Boasting an environmentally friendly composition, the systems are ideal for enhancing the security of your yacht without impacting surrounding marine life.


Like a panic room on board the yacht, citadel rooms are equipped with independent, overriding access to navigational and satellite communications systems to maintain control of the vessel even when hijacked by pirates or trespassers. Fitted with reinforced doors and ballistic protection on surrounding walls for maximum safety, citadel rooms are designed to keep guests and crew members safe while waiting for response teams to reach the site.

They are also equipped with their own ventilation systems and water and food supplies in case of emergency, making it the perfect place to hide out from potential safety threats.


Perhaps the most industry-leading futuristic technology on offer is the anti-drone system. They are hugely popular for the rich and famous looking to escape the onslaught of the paparazzi and indulge in the utmost privacy and relaxation while on board their superyacht. With a detection system that identifies commercial drones in operation within an eight-mile radius, the technology can provide GPS positions of both the drone and the pilot, as well as an accurate indication of the drone鈥檚 heading and speed.

In response, the yacht security system engages an electronic 鈥榚xclusion zone鈥 around the yacht, blocking any unwanted airborne visitors. Should the drone enter the perimeter of the exclusion zone, the controls and video feed are jammed, successfully rendering the pilot鈥檚 controls useless and protecting the privacy of guests on board.


Still in development, this innovative security technology is highly reminiscent of the kind we are used to seeing in traditional spy movies. The software uses high-tech revolutionary tracking systems to create a digital pressure video of a visitor鈥檚 movement that can be tracked and re-evaluated, recording the movement patterns on the floor. This can alert guests as to when an intruder has boarded the yacht.


The GOST cloaking system is designed to protect in the short time between alarm activation and the response team鈥檚 arrival at the scene. When activated, the security system fills the intended area with an impenetrable cloud of smoke to confuse the intruder and force them to retreat while the response team makes its way to the site.

The smoke is created using a special glycol solution, reducing visibility to less than one foot. The aim is to disorient any intruders and provide guests and crew members with some additional time to get to safety.


Another security system for superyachts that protects against unwanted intruders is the Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), a non-lethal anti-piracy device that emits pain-inducing sound beams to drive away invaders. By producing a loud, high-pitched noise – higher than the tolerance levels of the average human being – the system disorients the attacker, forcing them to retreat, providing onboard guests and crew members with the opportunity to alert response teams and escape if necessary.

These systems can have a range of more than three kilometres and can be adjusted to broadcast messages in multiple languages.


Whilst bulletproof windows may seem extreme, crime can happen anywhere – not just in corrupt countries – and having the right protection is key to ensuring the safety of you, your guests, and your crew. With hot extruded steel or stainless-steel profile, these A6 compound glass windows provide protection against fire for up to an hour.

They can also be thermally or chemically toughened for maximum protection, laminated, insulated, and even sound-proofed for additional perks alongside the obvious security benefits.


Before integrating more sophisticated security systems for superyachts, it鈥檚 good to get the basics in place. CCTV systems can be installed across the vessel and are designed to be as unobtrusive and covert as possible. They also record all activity inside and outside the yacht, allowing for easy identification should an intruder board the boat.

Integrated into the CCTV systems, you can also install alarms activated by motion or cross-line detection software, allowing for easy detection of potential threats.


With hackers on the rise, having a manual lockdown system is critical to ensure the safety and protection of guests on board, even when systems may be compromised. MAST offers a fully electronic locking system that allows for vessel-wide lockdown in emergencies. The yacht security system can lock and unlock all doors with a single button from any of the control stations in the vessel. So, even if the bridge is hijacked, your guests and crew can maximise safety by limiting access for the intruder.


Whilst emergency situations are incredibly rare on board a superyacht, it is always wise to be prepared. And, with technology growing increasingly sophisticated, it isn鈥檛 difficult for hackers to get into basic yacht systems and override controls. That is if you don鈥檛 have the right precautions in place.

Security systems for superyachts are always evolving, and now owners have access to a plethora of high-tech software and devices that can help protect them and their guests from potential threats.

If you would like further advice on how you can equip your vessel with the best security yacht systems, please contact our yacht management Team.



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