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How To Smoke Dabs Like A Pro

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Dabbing has increasingly become more sophisticated, thanks to advancing technology in the cannabis industry. In turn, this has encouraged many tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) smokers to try and hone their method and craft of dabbing.

Thus, becoming a pro is about learning how to use your dab rig devices. You should also know how to utilize heat and temperature to produce the sweet flavor profile and quality vapor you may want.

Continue reading to know how you can smoke dabs like a pro. 

Gather The Right Tools And Equipment 

The first step in perfecting your dabbing skills is to bring together all the necessary items you’ll need for your session. This includes a rig (the chief unit for dabbing) and all the accessories that come with it. If you don’t already have one, you can get a traditional rig (which resembles a bong) or an electronic rig (e-rig).

Traditional rigs will need several parts to assemble and use to make them work. These are the nail, dome, and mouthpiece attachments that operate together to create vapor. Then you’ll need to get a torch to heat the nail.

Alternatively, you can choose an e-rig, like one from, if you prefer the convenience of all the tools integrated into a single unit. Because the mouthpiece, base, glass attachments, and hearing are all there, all you’ll need is the accompanying charging cable. 

Choose Your Dab Concentrates 

Next is the fun part for any THC fan because you will now choose what type of concentrate you’ll be dabbing. These concentrates come in various forms and strength levels, with some having a near 90% potency measurement for people with a high tolerance.

The most common concentrate types have been cannabidiol-based oils and waxes of different textures and consistencies. However, other forms are gaining momentum in usage as awareness of concentrates becomes more assessable.

Among these is shatter, which can be butane hash oil that splinters as it’s heated and liquidized, rosin extract made from dried marijuana beads, or water hash or ice wax when it’s semi-frozen. Many pro dabbers recommend trying out the oils and crumble wax if you’re trying to step up your dabbing capabilities. They produce the best flavors and longer highs at low to medium temperatures. 

Heat Your Unit

Finally, you can put your dabbing to practice by heating your unit with your chosen concentrate and rig together. First, you need to insert an adequate amount of concentrate into the heating plate at the bottom of the unit while being cautious of THC levels. If you’re unsure about the correct dosage, the dab community has found that any size, from a rice grain to halfway capacity for the liquid THC, should suffice for a single dabbing session. 

If you’re using a traditional rig, add water to the base and reattach it once you’ve loaded the concentrate. Then, you can use the torch to heat the nail and gauge when it’s heated correctly. For e-rigs, this process is simplified as you can load your concentrate into the atomizer and select the heat setting of your liking.

Control The Vapor And Airflow 

Learning to control the vapor quantity and airflow that your rig produces is the skill that marks someone a pro dabber. To achieve this, you’ll need to master the heating temperature and adjust accordingly. E-rigs will give you the most flexibility as they have temperature and airflow presets that allow you to modify the vapor density in the rig chamber with just the push of a button.

Nevertheless, this is possible with traditional rigs by improving when to stop heating the nail using the torch. Some dabbers say it’s ideal to wait for the nail to emit a glowing red color. Yet this is something you should test yourself to see if it works for you.

Let the rig cool down before you inhale to retain maximum flavor and vapor at a lower temperature. You can also use carb caps to restrict airflow and keep the heat trapped in the rig’s chamber for a longer time. Eventually, you’ll get better at vapor and airflow control as you gain more experience.


If you want to smoke dabs like a pro, you’ll need the right tools, concentrates, and temperature control skills. Using e-rigs is the easiest way to accomplish this as everything is already in the setup, including buttons that manipulate vapor quantity for you.

Meanwhile, traditional rigs also work fine, but they require more training and intuition to manage and perfect the heating procedure over time.

In the end, you can expect a consistent dabbing experience the more you try and find a smoking technique that works best for you.


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