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Five Tips to Keep Your Car Pristine Inside and Out

Sailun Tires

Do Windows

Don’t be one of those “I don’t do windows” kind of guys.  Clean glass helps you drive better and your own safety.  Use Armor All Glass Cleaner – it is specifically made for automobile glass.  It is ammonia-free so it won’t damage your car’s interior.  Breathing in ammonia’s vapours can also be a health hazard, especially in an enclosed space.  If you are an over-sprayer,  use a glass wipe.  Keep an extra pack in your car for emergency touch ups.  You never know when a bird is going to strike. However, you can always find solutions if you want to skip this part. Before performing any kind of car detailing, you should always wash your car at a place like Spark Car Wash. You will find your car with a professional shine without going through much hassle.

A man’s car may not be his castle, but it’s pretty close.  It may just be the love of his life, behind his wife, kids and his mother of course!  Keeping your other baby lot-worthy doesn’t have to be a lot of work.  However, it is important to make sure that you are considering things like upholstery when caring for the interior of your car.  You also have to make sure that you are protecting the exterior of your car against the elements.  There isn’t any one product that you can buy to be the “workhorse” – you need specific products for each area of your vehicle.  Most car owners know the basics of cleaning, so here are the little details that you may not have considered.

Car Care Gift Pack

Have a Kit of Car Cleaning Products Ready

This seems basic, but if you have all of your products in an easy to find spot, then you have no excuse to avoid cleaning.  Armor All’s Car Care Gift Pack has everything you need to get started in one handy box.  Keep your products on a designated shelf in the garage or a storage room.  If you don’t have an indoor garage or storage room, have a basket in your trunk with the products ready to go. Include some paper towels and a bottle of water to blot stains and a tooth brush to clean along the pleats of your seats and for tough to reach spots.

It’s What is on the Inside That Counts….

Your car’s interior is either going to be leather, vinyl or fabric.  Leather makes your vehicle more luxurious, but it does take some care.  Leather can be impacted by heat, cold and staining.  You can’t use a standard cleaner on it – only use products that are specifically made to clean and treat automotive leather.  For a quick clean up, use Armor All Leather Wipes and for a deeper clean and conditioning try Armor All Premium Leather Spray with nourishing beeswax.   Vinyl is more durable, and you can soap and water.  Use as little water as possible.  Fabric upholstery needs a lot of upkeep.  Odor and stains can set in, so it is important to clean up spills as they happen.  The longer you wait, the harder the stains are to remove.

Car Interior

Speaking of Inside – Don’t Forget the Dashboard, Console, Floor Mats and Doorjamb Panels

These are details that are often forgotten, even by experienced car owners.   Rubber and vinyl floormats can easily be cleaned with soap and water and a multi purpose interior cleaner.  If your car has an upholstered interior, don’t forget to vacuum the doorjambs as they accumulate dust, dirt and odours too.  Vinyl and plastic dashes should be cleaned and protected with a spray or wipe designed to protect the interior surface from cracking like the new and improved Armor All Protectant .  If your Doorjamb Panels are leather, use the same leather cleaner that you used on your seats.  Dust the dashboard before cleaning it.  Spray the cleaner/protectant right onto the console versus a cloth.  A product like Armor All’s Original Protectant will not damage your dashboard.  Use wipes to carefully clean the console so that you don’t wet any of your delicate equipment.

Armor All Car Care Wipes

Do Windows

Don’t be one of those “I don’t do windows” kind of guys.  Clean glass helps you drive better and your own safety.  Use Armor All Glass Cleaner – it is specifically made for automobile glass.  It is ammonia-free so it won’t damage your car’s interior.  Breathing in ammonia’s vapours can also be a health hazard, especially in an enclosed space.  If you are an over-sprayer,  use a glass wipe.  Keep an extra pack in your car for emergency touch ups.  You never know when a bird is going to strike.

Don’t Forget The Chrome and Polish

Chrome can make or break the overall look of your car.  Remove rust right away to avoid pits in the chrome and a big bill when you have to replate it. Rust can be removed with a wet scouring pad, steel wool and chrome polish. Areas of your car like wheels, stainless steel exhausts, air intakes, valve covers and bumpers all need special attention.

Keep the elements at bay with a thorough application of a polish like NuFinish Once a Year Polish for an easy clear coat treatment that will enhance your vehicles depth of colour and bring back the shine.

Taking care of your car can not only keep it in right off the lot condition, it can also make your drive safer.

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