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Why Successful Men would want to Drive SUV’s rather than Sports Cars

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Nothing tastes sweeter than success, which makes being a successful man one of the most satisfying accomplishments in life. That milestone of a title opens the door to newfound privileges, such as owning a car deserving to it. Since that’s the case, one thing in particular a successful man should consider is driving an American SUV, or any other Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) for that matter. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, they will serve much more use to you than being a mode of transportation.

These are reasons why successful men should think about driving SUV’s:


1. Personal image and reputation

Right off the bat, an SUV is an intimidating vehicle to behold: it’s one aggressive behemoth of a car and has a commanding presence to match. Rolling up with this beast at any social event or even the office parking lot illustrates a status of wealth and power. Furthermore, an SUV can act as an extension of ourselves since it also conveys part of our identity to the world: someone unapologetic with demonstrating success and unafraid to cultivate respect for his name.


2. Self-esteem and confidence fly through the roof

Remember that feeling of sliding a tailored blazer over your shoulders for the first time, or lacing up a new pair of leather oxfords? Confidence became your middle name and you suddenly felt unstoppable. Driving an SUV elicits that same reaction, or may even provoke an even stronger one. Why wouldn’t it? You’re driving a powerful vehicle that not only looks fantastic, but is reliable, comfortable, and makes commute feel like a luxury rather than an obligation. When we own a luxury item, such as an article of clothing, or in this case, a car – we can’t help but naturally feel a boost of confidence and heightened sense of self-esteem. That’s not to say material items can only bring happiness: it’s the fact that owning something of high value can help you express the most authentic and confident version of yourself.


3. Families may be in their future

The fruits are labor are sweeter when shared with people you love. At some point or another, you may want to settle down and start a family – and everyone knows that one of the most important assets to own is a family car. That’s where the SUV comes into the picture: the vehicle has expansive cargo space, child and pet-friendly, and is the perfect car that ensures all parties involved will stay happy and comfortable when cruising on the open road.


4. Safety won’t be an issue

Since SUV’s are large and heavy vehicles, they are relatively safer than small cars. Due to their size, they have a larger crush zone. In other words, the car hood would take more damage in the face of a frontal collision rather than the passengers inside it. On another note, if a successful man has a high profile in society, SUV’s are a favored car to drive, especially by celebrities, since they are reliable for maintaining privacy during commutes and can transport private security.


5. SUV’s are multifunctional and practical

The most notable feature of an SUV is its large cargo space. Traveling for leisure and work is common for a successful man and they could use all the space they can get with a car. If you enjoy outdoor activities during a weekend getaway, such as camping and snowboarding, the equipment and gear will seamlessly fit into the trunk. On the other hand, you may own a self-made business and must continuously transport goods and products between the office and manufacturing factories. An SUV makes the task incredibly easier.


6. Driving an SUV is outright gratifying

Last but not least, driving an SUV makes traveling, commuting, and general driving gratifying, enjoyable, and frankly – fun. Anyone can say that when driving a superior and luxurious car. In fact, science has proven that buying nice things definitely makes us happier. The simple act of driving an SUV for the sake of fulfillment and satisfaction, in addition to practicality, is a good enough reason to own one.  


The next time you find yourself in the market for a new car, put an SUV at the top of your list. Not only is it a practical choice, it’s a vehicle that serves to make your reputation an unforgettable one.


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