Dalgona is so 2020 – Make Way for “COFFTAILS”

When the pandemic hit, coffee sales and alcohol sales soared.  Home baristas and bartenders became the new norm, taking over the Internet with recipes, photos, videos, Tik Toks and everything in between.

And now, something marvelous has happened.  The world of coffee and cocktails have collided, giving us: Cofftails.

Is this the best thing since the wheel or sliced bread?  To someone who loves coffee and cocktails as much as a night of Netflix and chill – absolutely!

You’ll need one key ingredient to bring this magical creation to life: Tia Maria. She’ll be the newest woman in your life – and she’s worth it!  

Tia Maria offers an intense coffee aroma and premium taste thanks to its cold brew extraction method using 100% Arabica coffee beans.  This combined with her subtle notes of Madagascar Vanilla and strong Jamaican rum make this a coffee liqueur that has no equal.

You can add Tia Maria to your coffee, tea, hot chocolate or even enjoy her over ice – it all works – but her Espresso Martini is something to behold.

Just add 1.5 oz of Tia Maria, 1 oz of vodka and 1 shot of espresso (or cold-brew coffee) to a shaker filled with ice – strain, pour and enjoy.

This next innovation for caffeination – we could say it’s… sublimination.


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