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4 Ways to Wear Jeans

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Jeans are iconic. Fact. Denim shorts, white jeans, frayed hems, however, are just not cool – also fact.

Boy do we love our every-day blue cotton jeans, but feeling worn and tired? Let’s not make wince-enduing style mistakes in an attempt to refresh. With so many versions of the workwear staple doing the rounds today it’s easy to go wrong.

Follow these top ways to wear jeans and be more James Dean and less distressed George Michael.


 Careful Pick-and-Mix

Don’t be lazy and spend some brain-time thinking about what to wear with your trusty denims and you’ll feel like you’ve got a new wardrobe.  Ditch the go-to V-neck or hoodie and replace with a bright polo. The likes of Lacoste and Ralph Lauren have polo’s in the latest catwalk colours so is an easy way to update your wardrobe to seasonal colours, plus has the added benefit of being a perfect cut to show off biceps and upper body.

 Don’t Get Hot Under the Collar

Carry on wearing your denim jeans into Summer by investing in a pastel seersucker blazer, combine with rolled cuff light-weight button-up and off-duty sneakers, or ditch the socks for espadrilles or boat shoes.


Bringing your jeans up to date doesn’t necessarily need mammoth wardrobe investments, and sometimes the devil is in the detail, as they say.  So make a statement with some ‘hot’ socks. Yeah, ok so we’re not going to get too ‘hung up’ on hosiery, all Rob Kardashian-like, but listen up, from Versace to Carhartt there’s some great ankle-threads out there.  Here’s a useful post on matching your socks with your outfit.

The Right Jeans

No amount of styling and accessorizing can drag a frayed and faded pair of supermarket jeans off their sorry-asses and into our wardrobes, so sure as anything invest in a top denim brand like legendary Levi or Diesel from M and M Direct, find the style that fits and you’ve got a relationship for life. You’ll get heavier weight raw denim for your buck and better colour-dye process, which means longer lasting, less distress and more yes! Opt for a versatile fit, never on the short side, to allow for shrinkage and can always be turned up. Plus, remember the darker they are the easier they are to wear.

In the words of Andy Warhol; “I want to die with my blue jeans on”. So, make sure your denims look darn good!




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