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How Does a Vape Pen Work?

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Advances in vape pen tech has ridden on the tails of the marijuana legalization movement in the United States. Though they were invented for e-smoking tobacco, vape pens are effective for use with all sorts of cannabis concentrates as well. One of the best features of vaping is that it has no smell. Because nothing is being burned, you won’t run into any of the same problems as you will with regular smoking.

With a history reaching back to the 1920s, inventors have long searched for a way to smoke tobacco without combustion. Advances in software technology have allowed engineers to embed sophisticated sensors into pens, maximizing the effectiveness of the tool in delivering the effects that users desire. Using a vape pen is as easy as inhaling, but how exactly does it work? What is happening, and what kinds of technologies make vape pens function?


The Components of Vape Pens

Vape pens are machines that have a few basic components. If you know about which elements your vape pen is made of, you can ensure that it’s working in tip-top shape. Common vape pen elements include batteries, sensors, atomizers, and tanks.


Because there is no combustion, vape pens use batteries for power. The most common vape pen battery uses the 510 threaded connection, which is a lithium-ion battery source. Some vape pen batteries are rechargeable.


Inside of every vape pen is a system of software that makes it function. While some vape pens are always “on,” other pens require you to push a button that helps activate the atomizer’s heating ability. The configuration of the sensors differ depending on the type of pen you select and the complexity of its technology.


Also known as a cartomizer or clearomizer, the atomizer is the heating element of a vape pen. Powered by the battery, the atomizer heats liquid to the point that small droplets are created. The atomizer is essential to using the vape pen. If you’re experiencing problems with the vapor not actually discharging, you may need to recharge the battery or replace the atomizer.


This is the element that “powers” your vape. The tank or cartridge hold the cannabis-derived product. Typically, tanks are refillable and cartridges are not. When the liquid in the tank or cartridge is heated up, vapor is produced.


New Advances in Vaping Tech

Vaporizers have reached new levels of popularity in recent years. With advances in vaping technology, vape pens now work more efficiently than ever before.

Temperature Control

In the past, vape pens may have heated to uncomfortable temperatures, inhibiting immediate repeat use. New advances in atomizer technology mean that your vape pen is at less risk of overheating.


Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) are a new technology that allows users to see if the vape pen components are working. When you inhale or push the button on the device, the OLED activates, allowing you to confirm that the cannabis vapor is being delivered effectively.


Where Can I Get A Vape Pen?

When you are choosing a vape pen, it’s important to select one that has the right combination of technologies and features for you. The best vape pen is different for each person, so it’s up to you to do your research.


Make sure that you choose a vape pen with the latest technology, an assurance of quality, and the features that work for your vaping purposes.


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