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The Musicians Choice is VEX Microphone Stands

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Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned or a budding musician, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed creatives like us to be even more creative during these times. The pandemic has hugely disrupted our usual ways of going about our lives. Our ways to move around and collaborate have become much more limited. Travel has also become much more restricted. For singers and song creators (at least for the indie musicians), this could be a problem as shows had to be called off and music releases had to be postponed for a later time. Just to keep moving forward, the workaround for most music artists is to make the home the rehearsal and recording studio, the broadcast station, and the concert stage

On the other hand, those who for the longest time have been wanting to venture into music have now found the time to do so. Revealing their inner rockstar, rapper, or balladeer, more and more people discover that their hidden talents aren’t supposed to be hidden after all. The process of discovery brings out a different sense of freedom. For them, the challenge is how to encourage the awakened artist to remain, even with the passing of the pandemic.

What is common among us musicians is our need to find the right gear for our craft. This COVID-19 season, many artists are setting up their own studios or their own music nook at home so that they can continue with their process of creating and discovering.

Having so many options as to the brand of musical instrument, sound system, or microphone stand to use, could be confusing even to pros in the music industry. The best person to consult as to these things is still your fellow artist.

This leads us to the long-running debate on how important your instruments and tools are in your creative process. The opinions are varied and  for those who are in search of guidance, especially those who are new to music making, the diversity of opinions about the subject is more confusing than enlightening.

Some artists would easily dismiss that the tool is only as good as its user, while some would regard the choice of tools as incredibly essential in the perfection of their craft. Some musicians believe that newbies should not concern themselves with getting the best tools available to them, while some hold an opinion to the contrary.

The thinking that the tool is only as good as its user is not only overly simplistic, but also detrimental to the development of the industry. In what way? Musicians get to hone and expose their own art because other artisans painstakingly put effort to create the best music tools, equipment, and instruments for them to use.

What makes seasoned musicians good at their craft is their attention to detail. They put their signature in whatever they do. Depriving this experience to those who are just starting out would not only promote elitism among musicians, but would also downplay the crucial role other artisans play in the process of making music.

Among the well known artisans in the music industry are those behind the VEX Stands. They produce mic stands that fit the exacting standards of the pros in the industry. Their microphone stands are a product of the collaborative work among their  engineers and musicians. VEX Stands were created particularly to withstand the heavy demands of recording and live performance.

We cannot say that the mic stands produced by VEX Stands are just the same as other mic stands in the market. It just simply isn’t true. For musicians to recommend these stands to other musicians, they must reach a level of quality that a musician can literally stand behind.

VEX Stands Above All

Just as a musician hones his craft. VEX has engineered an outstanding product that clearly out paces and out innovates its competitors.

Lets talk Specifics,

Quality. The VEX mic stand is made with engineering perfection at every point of the manufacturing process.

Convenience and Durability. A VEX stand comes complete with a carrying case equipped with a PVC Shell and heavy duty foam interior.

Professional. Alongside durability the mics are balanced in all aspects for even the hardest working musician on the planet.

The tools, in themselves, are works of art and are also meticulously crafted by people who are passionate about what they do. Aside from their function, their craftsmanship are also capable of evoking inspiration. The music industry thrives because of the inspiration evoked not only by musicians to their fellow musicians, but also of the passion of other artists who create the instruments we use who continue to drive the growth of the music industry.

So when you get your gear, whether you’re a pro or a newbie, be the artist that you want to become and use the products that pros recommend to bring yourself into the next plateau of your career.


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