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7 Fatal Mistakes People Make When Hiring A Web Designer

Sailun Tires

What does it mean to hire the wrong web designer?

It means to end up spending money from your budget without getting the website you want or a website capable of bringing benefits to your business. There are worst-case scenarios when web designers hold a domain’s name hostage due to misunderstandings with the website’s owner. So, yes, you may end up in the same situation if you end up having a bad relationship with your web designer. This is why it is worth taking into consideration 7 fatal mistakes people make when hiring a web designer, so you can totally avoid them.


Relying entirely on a web designer to take care of your website

You don’t have to be a web developer to know what your website needs to bring benefits for your business. So, to make sure you get what you pay for, you need to be fully aware of your website’s core requirements.

In other words, you should know how your website should work and what are the outcomes you want to enjoy. While it is true that an experienced web designer can provide all the guidance you need, you should not rely entirely on what the web designer is telling you.

So, when it comes to desired functionalities, offering secure payment options and easy checkout processes are just two examples. Regarding the desired outcome, you would probably want to rank as high as possible on Google, maybe on the 3rd position in search results and have your conversion rate up by 10%. Of course, you can add to this list, depending on the goals you want to achieve.

Allowing the web designer to register the domain name for the website

Many people choose to allow the web designer to take care of a lot of aspects regarding a website, including technical details because it is easier this way. However, when it comes to the domain name for your business, you should not allow anyone to register it for you.

It is an asset for your company and by offering this permission to someone from the outside can translate into a lot of trouble for you. Remember the part where the domain name was held hostage by an upset web designer?

Make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

As valuable advice would be to use a permanent e-mail address when registering your domain name. Make sure the e-mail address you use is one you check daily. This must be done because, after registration, domain names must be renewed every year.

So, it is useful to receive an e-mail that notifies you about the necessity of renewing your domain name. If you don’t renew it, there are high chances to have your domain name took by someone else, so pay attention to this part.

Not asking or checking for references to their previous work and reputation

It is always a good idea to ask for references, regardless of the type of services you’re looking to buy. Even if you contact a company, it is still work asking the name of the web designer that might become a good option for your job. For example, it is possible to find services of web design in Bellingham but always ask about the person or persons that might be assigned to cover the tasks regarding your website. Ideally, you should also talk to the people that come in contact with that particular web designer.

Why bother to talk to a web designer’s references? You can find out a lot of details regarding the services a web designer is offering and how he or she works. For instance, you can ask whether he or she would opt again for the web designer’s services. Regardless of the answer, ask why would he or she make such a choice.

Also, ask about any problems that may have arisen during their collaboration, issues like budget, schedule, or quality. And, of course, ask about how satisfied he or she was regarding the final results. In the end, you may have an overall idea about your potential collaboration with that particular web designer.

Not checking to see if you’re able to make future updates or changes

As a business owner and, implicit, the owner of a website, you may want to be able to make changes and updates on your own, without entirely depending on a web designer. There will be some adjustments you can do without any help and it is even recommended to have such control over your website.

For this to be a possibility, you need to choose a CMS that will allow you to have the desired level of control. To make sure this is available, ask the designer how can you make changes to the website after it will be officially launched. If the web designer will tell you that you’ll have to contact him or her for the chances to occur, don’t even think about hiring such a web designer.

Opting for the cheapest solution, without truly knowing what that means

Everybody has to operate on a tight budget now and then, especially when you’re struggling to run a small business. But you need to know what a cheap solution is all about. The fact that you’re not paying too much at first is not a guarantee that you will be saved from spending more in the future.

So, unfortunately, cheap websites mean poor performances and a lack of benefits for your business. This is why it is worth investing as much as you can in getting a website that will help your business grow.

Not being aware of the development process and costs regarding maintenance

Bear in mind that it is your website that will serve your business. So, you should be interested in the process and be updated about everything that goes on. The best websites are created when the web designer closely collaborates with the business owner.

Only this way you will get the website that will fit best your company and business type. Also, don’t forget to find out all about maintenance costs once the website is up and running. Maintenance is needed periodically, so this kind of cost will have to be integrated into your company’s budget.

Not choosing the right CMS for your website and business

It is not uncommon for web designers to prefer using a particular CMS. However, one size does not fit all, so you should find a web designer that will choose the best CMS for your type of business and website.

This is why you should make sure that the best solution is used for the development of your website. Talk about this part with the web designer you are about to hire and have him or her explain what the CMS is all about. Also, don’t hesitate to do a bit of research on your own, to double check if that’s what you need.


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