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5 Instagram facts you didn’t know

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Since it’s founding in 2010 Instagram has taken the world of social media by storm, both is an incredibly popular image sharing site but also is one particular relevant in popular culture .  Even if you don’t use Instagram yourself you felt it is effect whether it is through the celebrities, the site has helped create or the jokes.

To start off the list we go back to the very start of Instagram

1) Instagram


Almost eight years ago one know what Instagram has been around for a while. The first photo published on Instagram was of an adorable puppy , the photo of the pouch received over 80 thousand likes but the poster Instagram CEO and co-founder Kevin systrom says that he regrets posting it as the first photo and that he wishes he had started the platform with a photo where he tried a little harder.  System says that the photo was taken at a taco stand in Mexico. It also uses a filter which is still available in Instagram today.

2) Selfie

We are going to delve way back Instagram’s rich history. Selfies today are as much a part of life on Instagram and the internet at large pictures of dogs and food. The term selfie itself actually surprisingly quite old and was first known to be said in 2002 in an online forum but the first photo to actually be tagged as a selfie wasn’t posted until nearly half a year after the platform’s founding. In January 2011 Jennifer Lee of San Francisco California became the first person on the entire platform to tag a photo as being a hashtag selfie. Even though the only has a little over a thousand automatic Instagram likes it will ever go down in Instagram and in internet history as a milestone

3) Richard prince

We see that not everyone making money off other people on Instagram involved with Facebook. Known by many for his controversial artwork none other than Richard prince of New York , who has created multiple celebrities artwork with variance of size of canvas seem odd, confusing or even just creepy to you. Well clearly not everyone feels the same. The artwork have reportedly sold for around 100 thousand dollars per piece. Art will always find a way to leave you scratching your head.

4) Best times to post

Those of us who do love the like then read this, have you ever posted what you thought was a great picture. But it only wound up getting embarrassingly low amount of likes  forcing you to delete it fear no more. In analysing how corporate accounts might better time they post. The best times to post on Instagram based on win, the most people would be using it have been estimated on Sunday and Wednesday is the best time, but from there things get wired you gonna want to post it 7and 10 pm on mondays, 3 am and 10 am on Tuesdays,   7 am and 11pm on Thursdays, 1 am and 8 pm on Fridays, 12 am and 2 pm on Saturdays . Sure it seems complicated when you are out for exposure that is just a kind of thing you find yourself memorizing after long enough.

5) User goods

We have all embarrassed ourselves at some point on the internet but have you ever embarrassed bad enough to get you and your parents in trouble with the law , sounds extreme but according to both prosecutors and cybersecurity experts rich kids can not get enough of posting pictures of them in their parents yachts and private jet


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