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Flight Simulators You Should Try

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When it comes to flight simulators, players have a surprisingly large pool of games to choose from. While Microsoft Flight Simulator might be the most well-known of the bunch, the users聽have to spend some money to fly. Thankfully, the genre also offers plenty of free titles for those looking for an authentic flying experience.

Flight simulator games aren鈥檛 like other games available to players. They don鈥檛 pay players or provide them with the entertainment aspect. Vegas Slots online have a lot of these games available. But Flight simulators have an educational purpose. We look at some great flight simulators that players should really try.

  • X-Plane 11

X-Plane is a flight simulator engine developed by Laminar Research in 1995. X-Plane is pre-loaded with several commercial and military aircraft, as well as basic global scenery, which covers most of the Earth. X-Plane also has a plugin architecture that allows users to create their own modules and scenery, extending the functionality of the software by letting users create their own worlds or replicas of places on Earth. This is further enhanced by the Scenery Gateway website, which allows users to share airports with other users, which can be eventually integrated into the base product.聽

The physics and the realism is second to none. One can also attempt emergency landings in this simulator which other competitors are unable to design.

One can add both freeware and payware airplanes and the scenery in the simulator if he/she wishes to. X-plane 11 is the 11th version of the simulator and聽 undeniably the best simulator for home use at a cheap price.

聽 聽 聽 2. Microsoft Flight Simulator X

聽聽聽 Microsoft Flight Simulator X is the most commonly used professional flight simulator flight聽 聽 school use. It is a series of flight simulators released for Microsoft Windows operating system. It is one of the longest-running, best-known, and most comprehensive home flight simulator programs on the market.聽

It was released in 2006 which is 11 years earlier than the release of X-Plane 11. So, most of the planes and the scenery are not up to date but one can install add-on scenery to make it look like a fantastic simulator with excellent scenery and realism. Flying lessons are included which are voiced over by real-life pilot and instructor Rod Machado. The user can fly a checkride at the end of the learning process. And the user can also play it on Steam with other online people. One of the rare features include a shared cockpit flight with other players.

Microsoft recently announced the release of their new flight simulator in early 2020. It contains over 30,000 detailed airports with high quality HD scenery and HD global mesh resolution.聽

聽 聽 聽 3. Prepar3D

Aerofly FS is a new flight simulator, designed to provide users with accurate flight physics, breathtaking photoreal scenery, accurately modeled airports, and real world functionality. Whether the user is a beginner sightseeing pilot, or a seasoned airline transport pilot, Aerofly FS Flight Simulator can steal your heart. Aerofly FS can be played in standard mode or in VR mode. Aerofly FS Flight Simulator is under continuing development by ipacs, a dedicated team of professionals with a passion and dedication to provide the user with the best flight simulator experience possible.

聽 聽 聽 4. Infinite Flight聽

聽聽聽 Infinite Flight is a flight simulator mainly focused on flight simulation games on iOS and Android operating systems. Infinite Flight is a flight simulator developed by Infinite Flight LLC. One can choose from multiplayer and single player modes. Infinite Flight allows the users to choose and fly from a lot of pre-loaded airplanes or sit back and give instructions to the other pilots in the ATC mode. As for the scenery, being a mobile flight simulator, you cannot expect a lot of high detailed structures or HD buildings and mesh resolution. But the physics and the realism will make you feel engulfed in the simulator.


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