10 Helpful Tips To Spice Up Your Solo Play

A little solo play can do you a lot of good. Whether you’re away from your partner, taking a dating sabbatical, in self-isolation from this pandemic, or only in need of a little R & R, work some special solo sessions in your agenda.

‘Special’ is not merely taking the dog for a walk, but also giving it a full groom and the works. It is bringing out the male masturbators from your bottom drawer and taking them for a spin.

Why play solo?

Working out helps your body release endorphins, which trigger positive sensations. So does playing solo—plus, it’s lots of fun!

Masturbation has many benefits beyond enhancing your sex life. It releases sexual tension, boosts your mood, and relieves built-up stress, among others. It’s also totally safe as nobody’s getting pregnant or STD.

It’s fun and beneficial, so what’s the holdup? Well, we care for your pleasure and wellbeing and have come up with some helpful tips to spice things up.

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1. Gear up.

Get in the mood and set the mood. Set yourself up for some quality personal time. Know that masturbation is also an act of self-love, so it’s essential that you’re comfortable and not feeling rushed.

Dim the lights and play your favorite tune. It’s alright to go extra and plan it as you would a date—a steamy one at that!

2. Lubricate.

Dry masturbation is ill-advised as it could desensitize your penis over time and lead to sexual problems. Lubrication is also crucial if there’s going to be butt play. Best to use a water-based lubricant to avoid irritation.

3. Tune in.

Listen to your body to discover what it’s capable of. See how it responds to different sensations. The more attuned you are to your body, the better you’ll know yourself, and the more you know yourself, the more confident you will be.

4. Diversify.

You don’t have to have a masturbation routine, so feel free to experiment.

  • Switch up locations. You can get up and out of bed and head over to the kitchen or take it to the shower. There is also a big world out there if you’re feeling adventurous (just remember not to expose yourself to avoid a charge of public indecency, indecent exposure, lewdness, or obscene display).

  • Try different positions. You can do it lying down, sitting up, standing up, leaning against a wall, or even on all fours. As with partnered sex, solo sex is also more fun when you switch positions.

  • Experiment with different strokes. You can try tornado-like twisting strokes, double-fisting them, and many other moves. Play around to find which is most pleasurable for you, and once you find it, stick to it. Certified sex coach Gigi Engle says, “Consistency can take you right into orgasm.”

5. Explore.

You have plenty of options, so explore them. Anything that makes you feel good during masturbation is a go. There’s more to your body than your genitals, so don’t sell yourself short.

Exploring your body and your erogenous zones can open you up to different stimulation forms and help you discover new sensations. You may find that there are many more forms of sexual stimulation other than stroking your shaft.

6. Go south.

Known as the male G-spot (prostate), your butt has half the nerves in the pelvic floor that may be activated by an orgasm. You can try different techniques to work it up and find which one suits you best.

7. Take out your toys.

Spice things up by playing with toys. You can choose from the vast selection of elaborate male masturbators for the forceful ejaculation you crave. Lucky you, you no longer have to DIY contraptions in your garage as there’s almost always a sex toy available for your pleasure needs.

8. Bring erotic aids.

If porn helps turn you on, then, by all means, turn it on! You may also try listening to or reading erotica. Anything to help turn you on and get you off (as long as they’re safe and legal) is welcome.

9. Realise your sexual fantasy.

We all have sexual fantasies, and watching others have sex (voyeurism) and having sex in front of others (exhibitionism) are two of them. You can add an onlooker while you masturbate — you can do it in front of the mirror or while face timing your boo.

10. Use your imagination.

Imagination is your most underrated sexual tool. Using it is a good stimulation technique that keeps you mentally active and helps you be creative. As the mind is your most powerful sex organ, you can masturbate to your sexual fantasies instead of porn!


Masturbation is an act of self-love that is fun, safe, and beneficial. As Woody Allen famously said in Annie Hall, “Masturbation is sex with someone you love.” So make it more pleasurable and exciting!


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