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5 Creative Date Ideas For 2019

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It can be easier than ever to meet someone that you are interested in, and that’s a great thing. We might search for potential dating partners in all sorts of places, whether it’s coffeehouses, bars, nightclubs, or otherwise – but the fact that a smartphone can help us find the next date is revolutionary. We can even tailor our preferences to make sure that we are speaking to someone who meets certain criteria, as well.

However, coming up with a great date is still important, and that seems to be lost on many individuals out there. There are many professionals, both young and old, that might be too busy to come up with a creative option for a date, or they might be afraid to suggest something new.

Regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that a movie doesn’t necessarily lead to an inspiring conversation, and suggesting a certain restaurant might mean send the impression that you are “cheap”. One important thing to remember is to always take the other person into consideration. If you are interested in dating someone athletic, you might want to suggest a hike as a date. Similarly, if their profile seems like they might be interested in the arts; there’s nothing wrong with a museum date. Either way, there are many new options to consider, even if you are in a long distance relationship, and here are 5 creative date ideas for you to keep in mind.


A Concert

It’s hard to take someone who isn’t interested in music, seriously. We all might lead busy lives between our personal and professional obligations, but there’s a good chance that you have some music artists and/or groups that you relate to, or admire. Why not find out the music tastes of your date and suggest an upcoming concert?

It can be refreshing to enjoy an artist while getting to know someone. One great aspect of concerts is that there are drinks available, and the idea of dancing as flirting can take things to the next level. There’s a reason why Tinder partnered up with Spotify, and it’s because music can tell you a lot about a person. If you can find an artist you both like, there is already some common ground to build upon.

A Gallery

Modern art can be extremely interesting, and it can also be quite strange. Either way, it certainly can spark conversations and ideas. We know that artists have been addressing social issues for thousands of years, and that certainly isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

One great thing about a museum is that it offers a serenity that other dates do not. After all, if you are going to be in a relationship with someone, wouldn’t you want to learn how to be silent around each other? Many museums also offer coffee shops and wine bars to allow for a conversation about the art, and you can learn more about their values and beliefs.

A Small Road Trip

It’s natural to think that a road trip is a bit much for a first date, but how about a second or third date? After all, it’s not as if you have to drive to another state to experience something new. There are plenty of quirky and interesting cities that might be within driving distance that can be interesting for a date.

Let’s say that you live in New York City. The city is home to millions of people and offers thousands of interesting bars and restaurants for a date. However, why not differentiate yourself? You can suggest a quick road trip up to Atlantic City to enjoy the casinos. This idea is even greater when neither of you has been to the destination, but have always wanted to. Of course, it’s important to take your date’s personality into consideration when thinking about a destination.

Trivia Night

There are plenty of bars all around the world that offer some interesting trivia nights. You might be used to grabbing drinks with someone, but what about testing your date on their knowledge at the same time? You might be able to find out that your date knows more about history than you thought or less about pop culture than you can accept.

You might end up bonding as a team, or finding out that your date is incredibly smart! If you are interested in finding out just how intellectual or smart your date can be; this is a great option. You can also find out how they think/act under pressure, or find out just how competitive they can be.

A Comedy Club

There is a famous saying that “a lot of truth is said in jest”, and the concept has been around for centuries, thanks to the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer. If you think about your friends, family, and those close to you; you might find that you all understand what’s funny to laugh at, and what might cross the line. It’s this distinction that helps you determine your own values and shapes your personality.

It doesn’t matter if you are into slapstick humor or dark comedy – laughing is a great way to spend a date. After all, many people claim that your sense of humor is a huge factor in determining whether your dating life will be successful or not. Why not let the professionals try to get you two to laugh, so you can find out whether your sense of humor is compatible?



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