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How to Interest a Girl in the First Ten Minutes of Date

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It is evident that the first ten minutes of the meeting could be the decisive ones. Learn how to become interesting for a girl you meet for the first time.

Your Approach

She sees you. Her brain instantly evaluates your height and the symmetry of your face. Now let her feel your character and power. Approach confidently, do not pretend that you accidentally stumbled upon her. If you want to impress Ukraine women, follow this advice: “Men usually talk while standing slightly apart from each other to avoid confrontation,” says Helen Fisher, author of Why We Love.“ And women are facing each other and maintain eye-to-eye contact.” Do the same.

Your Introduction

A good handshake is not a short path to her heart but at the same time, a bad handshake can cross your chances at once. There are many nerve endings in the palms and people with weak handshakes and wet hands are perceived as shy and nervous, as demonstrated in a recent study at the University of Alabama. Everything should happen like this: shake her hand tightly with your right hand, but not squeezing it. And pay attention to her handshake: the same study says that women with stronger handshakes are more prone to adventure.

Your Voice

As recently discovered by Scottish scientists, the most beautiful women prefer men with a low voice. It is a characteristic sign of a high level of testosterone, which is a sign of strength and reproductive abilities. Speak using your diaphragm (so that your stomach rises when you inhale). This increases the amount of air that passes through your vocal cords. “Sounds like a built-in subwoofer,” says Joan Joella, voice trainer.

Your Way to Start a Conversation

Say something to let you know more about her. “Your friends are nice people, how did you meet them?” It is both a compliment and a window to her past. New acquaintances cause a surge of dopamine, which raises the mood. “Show her your interest with the help of verbal nods,” advises Alex Pentland, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who has developed a program that evaluates the compatibility of meeting participants for a “quick introduction.”

Your Questions and Answers

You already know that you need to ask a lot of questions and not brag about yourself. But you should not undermine your authority without the need. “Women are carefully looking for signs of status and wealth in a conversation,” says Fisher. Do not immediately reveal all the facts about your financial or personal success: let her curiosity get the upper hand and make her ask questions.

Your Body Language

The mutual appeal makes couples copy each other’s body language. But do not rush to establish contact in this way. “Be relaxed and let her set the tone for communication,” advises Liza Clampett, founder of Matchmaking Institute. Fussy movements transmit nervousness and cause the release of stress-related chemical elements in her brain.


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