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Monitor and Improve Your Relationship with LifeCouple

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Entering into a relationship means constantly being engaged – it’s not a static endeavor whatsoever. You and your partner surely share lots of in common, but needs, desires, motivations, and goals may differ over time, or even fluctuate on a day to day, or week to week basis. As such, it’s important to regularly assess how well you are taking care of yourself, your partner, and your future together.

And of course, there’s an app for that. LifeCouple, available for iPhone and android devices, offers a chance to quantify and monitor the quality of your relationship, alerting you when issues or misunderstandings may be arising, and providing a chance to set aside some focused time together.

Emotional Bank Account

The concept is based on the idea that we monitor and sort out bank accounts, but we don’t necessarily take stock our emotional well being – or may not know how to. Each partner has their own emotional bank account, which can be added to when recognized or supported by the actions and gestures they make. As your account grows, so too hopefully does your happiness. A lofty account means you’re doing well, but a smaller account means you should be looking to work harder.

Relationship Pulse Check

At random times, you will each separately get an alert to check in with what’s going on in your relationships – a pulse check. This is a chance to honestly assess your relationship, considering goals and needs and satisfaction. When both couples complete the check, LifeCouple will let you know if you two are on the same page, or if a sizable gap exists that needs to be closed.

LifeCouple isn’t just for assessment and scores, though. They offer solutions and tasks to improve your well-being too. There is a to-do list of sorts, which offers you the chance to make certain commitments to your partner, like a chore or errand, or simply plan something fun and exciting. If your scores are off, it’s time to make more of an effort.

Relationship Vault

Perhaps on the best feature, the relationship vault is where you can privately write down thoughts and musings as a way to get things out. These are just for you, but the act of typing as it were may prove emotionally and mentally beneficial. Perhaps they are reminders to your future self, or simple ideas you may have about what you want to do with your partner. They too can be an outlet for messages that you want to send in the moment but may regret later. The relationship vault is yours to stock, and only you have access.


At your disposal is a set of conversation icebreakers, effective methods of communication, and a date planner. All of these works together to make sure your relationship is getting the attention it deserves, and not just taking a backseat.

Both partners in a relationship need to work together to be happy and healthy, both as individuals and as a couple. While it’s easy to dismiss an app working as a medium in a relationship – and the fact that screens can often get in the way of intimacy and communication – in a busy, chaotic world it’s worthwhile to have reminders. It’s important to stay present and focused. Most of us use apps to chronicle, organize, and evaluate everything in our lives, from tasks to exercise, sleep to jobs. We should keep track of our relationship too.



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