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The Life of an Eligible Bachelor: The essential guide for making the best first impression

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As a single man, it goes without saying that you will be looking for the perfect woman or man to make your life complete or, perhaps, someone to simply have some fun with and see where it leads. Whatever you are looking for, knowing how to meet, treat, and complete the perfect first date is essential to making sure you are at the top of your game as an eligible bachelor and get to meet the best people.

To get you started, this guide is going to walk you through everything you need to know to make this a reality and start dating once again.

How to take her on the best date possible

The first date is the first real impression the woman you are taking out is going to get of you, so it is important that you nail this element if you want the chance to see her again. If you got her number and have been texting for a little while or talking to each other on a dating app, then this will give you a great head start in terms of knowing her likes and dislikes. If you are going on a blind date, then have a conversation with the person who if setting you up and see if they can give you some information to help you out.

The perfect setting

A key element to a great date is having the right setting and this means knowing how to choose a great restaurant for your date. You should try to find out what food you date likes and take that as a starting point because if she doesn’t like the food then the atmosphere will be ruined.

Try to choose somewhere that this either a.) classically romantic, or b.) quirky and unique. The second option is a strong one as it will give you both something to talk about when you arrive.

Making them feel special

There is some debate around getting a first date gift but, as long as you choose right, this is a winner. Start by looking up online some great first date gift ideas to try and find something original. Flowers and chocolates are always going to go down well but if you have learnt a bit more about your date, try to personalize the gift to her interests.

How to end the night

The end of the night is where you need to make sure you are being the perfect gentleman. Make sure she gets home safe, either by dropping her off and putting her into a taxi, and let her know you have had a wonderful evening and would like to see her again.



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