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This is What Men with Success on Dating Apps are Doing

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Thanks to a few questionable photos that you should have been thought through, an opening line gone wrong, or a misunderstood’s easy to fail at the online dating game–before you ever really even get started. 

Most guys have been there and have a tale or two of an online dating exchange turned seriously sideways. 

If you think your online dating journey has gone from bad to worse, you’re not imagining it: it’s not you (well, not entirely); it’s the biased algorithm. The harsh reality is that the worse you perform on the dating app (in terms of how much interest you generate), the more the algorithm works against you. So, it makes an already time-sucking experience even more disheartening and, frankly, annoying. 

The plus side to that is, of course, that the guys who get it right… work the machine to their advantage. If you can’t quite figure out how to do that for yourself (and there’s no shame in admitting that), there’s a new Canadian company that can help. A game-changer in the online dating world, Executive Dating and Coaching Service, Shift Dating, that essentially “works the machine” for you, in everything from curating that perfect profile, to corresponding with potential matches.

10-years of combined online dating experience has resulted in a team of professional Dating Managers who have mastered the system and can share their expertise to ensure you’re getting the best matches.  

Here are 4 Tips from the Dating Experts at Shift Dating: 

1 Choose Your App Wisely: There is no shortage of dating apps and sites to choose from; you’ve likely tried a handful by now. Each dating app has its own unique defining feature; some apps facilitate deep connections, while others are more a gateway to a one-night stand. Either way, all apps rely on their own algorithm that favors certain types of past behaviours and decisions. Sites like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, OKCupid, and eHarmony use a system of collaborative filtering, analyzing the user’s prior decisions and success rates to narrow the pool of people they may come in connection with. 

Although the algorithm is designed to make you keep searching, the team at Shift Dating knows how to rig the system in your favour, one engaging photo or a witty comment at a time. “Each online dating site has different ways of ‘managing’ profiles,” says Anita Sedgwick, founder of Shift Dating. “We are here to make sure you are set up in the best way possible for your preferred online dating app.” Whether you’re looking for a romp-filled summer fling, or a rom-com style romance, the first step is picking the right app. 

2 Be More than a Series of Static Photos and Flat Words: Your photos offer the chance to showcase all of your many likes, talents, and layers. Deciding on which photos to choose should, therefore, be of utmost consideration. 

The Shift Dating professionals curate better, more engaging photos that prove you’re more multi-dimensional than a static person on a screen. This will increase your right-swipe-worthiness, and in turn, boost your performance on the algorithm. 

“You want to show your well-roundedness and different aspects of your personality. So, for example, you don’t want a profile where four out of five of your photos are shirtless selfies in the mirror,” says Sedgwick. Rather, the most attractive profiles add depth and dimension with photos of you living your life – whether that means riding a motorcycle through the city, zip lining in Costa Rica, crossing the finish line at your last marathon, playing with your niece, or kayaking at your cottage.” 

Similarly, your bio – though brief – should reflect these multilayers. Shift Dating’s Profile Setup package includes a review and re-write of customized bios and a full redesign and overhaul of your online dating profiles; a review and update of all photos; and tips, tools, and advice based on your personal dating goals and the type of person you’re looking to attract. 

3 Do Your Due Diligence: Like anything in life, the online dating world isn’t perfect and there may be a lot of “rough” to wade through before you find that diamond. Finding the best matches means both asking the right questions and having meaningful conversations that go above and beyond pleasantries and teeth-pulling questions. Of course, getting this right involves a lot of time, something we never have enough of – even during quarantine. Aside from the seasoned strategy offered, the best thing about working with Shift Dating is that they can do all of the time-consuming backend work – the stuff that makes online dating a chore.  They weed out the time wasters and get you the matches you’ve always wanted.

The Online Dating Coach package features like one-on-one access to your own online dating coach, coaching through your dating journey, and access to real-time advice and tips – so you don’t have to have your best friend on standby anymore. Taking it a step further, the Executive Online Dating Coach package includes the review and selection of hundreds of potential matches, the managing of all communication, screening of potential matches, regular status reporting, and real-time coaching as needed. So, if you so decide, all you have to do is show up on the date.  

4 Get Used to It: Like it or not, COVID-19 social distancing measures are still in place for the foreseeable future. This means the odds of meeting someone organically, as you could in summers past (at, say, a music festival, pool party, or at a sporting event), are low, making online dating more of a staple than ever in your personal life. So, you may as well make yourself comfortable with the nuances of online dating – in everything from representing yourself authentically, to video chats replacing bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. 

Shift Dating can set you up for success for this new norm of social distancing, video chats, and FaceTime dates, coaching you through the entire process like a trusted buddy. 

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