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Tinder Top 30 – Dating During coronavirus + How to Improve Your Dating App Profiles

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I was the most ‘Right-Swiped’ guy on Tinder. Here are my tips…

The following article has been created by James Langton – Dater Help founder 

James is on the Tinder Official most ‘Right-Swiped’ on the platform, meaning his profile was one of the most successful on the app, as featured in all major UK press. Dater Help offers dating-app profile enhancement services that include creating a custom bio from a personality questionnaire, photo selection, and retouching services + dating coaching via Zoom.

  1. Pick the perfect photos


It’s no secret that your photos are the most important factor on any dating app. Your first photo is most crucial because this is the first impression you make on potential matches. They will ‘swipe-right’ if they don’t like what they see. Cruel but true. Make sure your first photo clearly shows your face, but also make sure that you aren’t wearing sunglasses or a hat. A photo taken by someone else with only you in the photo is also recommended. Try for a photo with a colorful or scenic background. Direct eye contact with the camera is not a must, but smiling definitely is! Humans are attracted to smiles, and you can increase your success rate dramatically just with a smile. 

      2.  Fill in your bio 

This may sound obvious, but so many people leave their profiles blank or add only a little info. Remember to include your hobbies, things you are passionate about, and include your ideal date idea at the bottom. This is your chance to pack in all the interesting facts about you! Profiles like this receive far more interactions. Dating apps use complex computer algorithms that determine how many people your profile is shown to. Adding more information that users find interesting is a great way to increase your success on apps. 

     3. Engaging conversation 

“Hi, you ok?” as your opening message is a sure way of getting unmatched, ignored, or at best just a few responses before things go stale. You have to remember you are not a ‘real’ person to your match yet, just another profile on a dating app. Instead, pick up on a location from their photo or an outfit that you like, or even a hobby/interest they have listed in their profile. Don’t simply go for a forced compliment—take time to find something you genuinely like about their profile, and base your first message around this. Sometimes, you can craft an amazing first message, only to receive a single word answer. If that’s the case, just move on. 

     4. Don’t stay on the app for too long

What does this even mean? Well, many users on dating apps will have matched with quite a few people and will have multiple conversations going on (deal with it!) and it’s not long until your conversation gets buried as the conversations with other matches roll in. Suggest to your match that you’d like to speak on a different platform that’s a little more personal. iMessage, Whatsapp, or even Instagram DM are fantastic choices. Don’t spend more than two days chatting on a dating app! Only take this next step if the conversation is flowing between you and your match. If you are getting one-word answers and not much more, then it’s time to move on. Receiving responses from uninterested matches happens to everyone.  

     5. Use multiple apps

There’s no shame in being on multiple apps. Many people are on more than one, and you will even see profiles for people you have seen on other apps. Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge are the key apps, but what you choose will vary depending on your location and age. Try as many as you can and see how you get on. Only invest your time going on an app if you are going to complete your profile, engage in conversations, and become a regular user. If you only half-complete your profile and don’t spend much time responding to messages, the app’s algorithm will reduce your profile ranking, greatly reducing your chances of speaking to someone amazing. 

    6. Try a new date activity 

‘Going for drinks’ is something everyone does. The first date from a dating app is a little bit different from ‘traditional’ dating, because you have never met the person before and you are seeing whether there is an attraction to each other. I advise people to go on a lighthearted, short, and simple date to start with, rather than straight to a sit-down meal for example. This doesn’t mean you’re off the hook with finding an interesting activity to do. Quirky, fun first dates include rock climbing, a comedy night, a local theme park, or hiking up to an amazing view or even taking a dog for a walk in the park. There’s no right or wrong answer here—just find something you will both enjoy. 

James Langton of Dater Help offers dating app profile enhancement services, in the form of photo selection + retouching and custom bio creation. His services also offer dating coaching via Zoom. James was on the official Tinder most ‘Right-Swiped’ list on the platform and has helped hundreds of single people around the world improve their dating app profiles and coached them to improve their dating experience. 



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