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3 Life Hacks to Reach Your Fitness Goals

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Finding it difficult to balance a healthy fitness routine and a fun lifestyle that includes going out with friends, attending social events, and having foods that you love?

You’re not alone! But in my opinion, this balance is truly something you can have. You just need to plan things out a little bit better.

Here are 3 things you can do to achieve your fitness goals and still have fun!

1. Create your Non-Negotiables

When it comes to fitness and nutrition we all know that we need to make good choices in order to see results. But that doesn’t mean that you have to follow a strict diet plan and workout 7 days a week. That’s a recipe for disaster.

Instead write down what you’re able to commit to on a weekly basis. Example;

  • Workout 3x/week
  • Protein & Veggies in every meal
  • Allow for 1-2 cheat meals/week

This is very basic but something more attainable. Now, you can do the same exact things with the non-negotiables that you DON’T want to give up. For me, it’s a glass of fine tequila. I don’t have balance in my fitness lifestyle if a glass of tequila with a big rock in it isn’t present.

2. Manage Your Alcohol Consumption

I know this is the last thing you want to hear, but truthfully, from the thousands of people that I have spoken to who want to become healthier versions of themselves, alcohol has played a huge role in them not being successful.

When you’re in a fitness routine, you’re working your butt off to see results, you’re doing your best to eat healthy, and then look in the mirror and say WTF!!!??

A quick question that I would ask you is, “How many times a week are your drinking?”

You see, when you drink alcohol and you’re working out, it basically puts your body on a pause from seeing results. It stops your body from burning fat. Not allowing you to see the results that you should be seeing.

So what should you do?


I would never be the one to tell you to give up alcohol, because like I mentioned earlier, I love my tequila. But you should definitely manage how often you’re drinking per week.

If you were to drink 1x/week on Saturdays for example, your body will be able to get back to burning fat throughout the week.

But imagine drinking Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday? Your body is never able to get back into that “fat burning mode” it wants to be in to see results! Make sense?


3. Manage Your Cheat Meals

If I were to create a list of the top 2 reasons why you’re not seeing results, this would be #2, following alcohol.

Here’s the thing, there’s SO much good food out there that we crave and want to try. And guess what? You can have it! But there is a time and place for all of that.

This is the best way I can put it…

[Top Priority] Are you looking to see AMAZING results in your physique? If yes, you might, sorry need, to cut back on these foods for a good amount of time to see those results.

[Maintenance] Are you wanting to have balance with your cheat meals and keep results? If yes, you should consume a cheat meal every other week.

[No Results] This is simple. Eat whatever you want if you don’t really care about seeing results.

At the end of the day, if you are wanting a sexier and healthier body you will need to work for it on the front end and then when you put in that work, you’ll be able to enjoy those results by fitting in those delicious foods here and there.

So yes it is possible! It’s possible to find balance with fitness, nutrition, and having a flexible and fun lifestyle. Put these tips into action and enjoy!



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