How to Get that Muscle Mass Ripped Body Physique?

Lets Build a Sexy Physique Starting off with the Fundamentals of Building Great Delts

As an online Professional Fitness coach with 10+ years of bodybuilding experience. I deal with people wanting to build a physique on the daily, but the one common denominator amongst them is… neglecting the proper tools to execute their goals.

Sick of spending countless hours at the gym and not seeing results? Buying all those supplements and proteins and just not getting bigger, in the right places? Want to move like this?



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Don’t you worry, I can help. Let’s get Started!

The 3 Fundamentals to Getting the Bulked Up Body you’ve been Craving For:

1. Posture

To execute any exercise it all starts with having great posture to keep you balance throughout the workout.

2. Form

Moving the dumbbells slightly places tension on your shoulders. The pause switches off your traps, which will otherwise muscle in on the move, taking emphasis off your shoulders.

3. Proper Execution

It’s super important to execute each rep efficiently throughout the full ROM (Range of Motion) to establish tension and growth to the Side Laterals.



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GOTTA HAVE THE DELTS TO COMPLIMENT A GREAT PHYSIQUE ‼️ ____ ______ 1️⃣ EZ Bar Pause Front Delt Raises 👉 This exercise gives the front all types of muscle confusion by hitting the fast and slow twitch fibers! Make sure you really hold a slow eccentric and explode to activate more tension ___________ 2️⃣ Standing Barbell Explosive press. 👉 This exercise brings alot of tension to the shoulders by the slow eccentric and now the pause is allowing you to activate the fast twitch fibers by exploding with the press. __________ 3️⃣Incline DB Rear Delt Flys 👉 Make sure your chest is upright and really engage the muscle mind connection in the rear Delts. This exercise does not require a lot of weight since it’s a small muscle but Implement a slow tempo to really shape and define those rear delts _______ ✅ 3-4: Sets ✅ 10-15 Reps ✅Force Reps ✅Rest 60-90 Sec ✅ Progressive overload _____ __________ ________ 👇 Build Muscle | Burn Fat | Change Mindset 👇 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ C O N🛡U E R |#conquermovement ____ 📙90 Day Ultimate Guide To Build Lean Muscle – _____ 🚨Full Body Transformations _____ 🌎 Accountability Online Coaching ______ 🚺🚹 For Men & Women _____ 📧 ——-

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Now you’re ready to conquer. It’s that simple. Stay tuned for my future content on different techniques and works outs you should follow to get the results. Think you need a little more support? No problem, that’s what I’m here for. Hit me up via any of the links below to get started. 



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