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Bulking And Cutting – Is It The Best Way To Perfect Physique?

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Bulking and cutting is a relatively modern philosophy, but it technically isn’t a modern philosophy. People for thousands of years will have followed the principle – right back to the ancient days of the Vikings who would naturally eat more during the winter to fight the cold. The bulking and cutting that we know today – to build muscle and get a desirable physique – is, however, relatively modern.

Let’s explore what bulking and cutting are, how people achieve the best results and the pros and cons of the muscle-building craze.

What’s Bulking And Cutting?

The idea behind bulking and cutting should be based on carefully planned cycles focusing on muscle and fat gain and then fat loss. Fat gain inevitably comes with muscle gain, which is why the timings of the bulk and cut are typically carefully planned to achieve maximum results – people are more likely to bulk during the cooler months and cut close to the summer months, for example, but you can do either part of the cycle at any point in the year. The bulking phase puts the body into an anabolic state, which generally promotes muscle growth, whereas the cut puts the body into a catabolic state, where tissues break down.

To bulk, you have to eat in a calorie surplus, which means eating more calories than you’re burning. These calories should be nutrient-dense with a higher amount of carbohydrates. Calories shouldn’t amount much higher than your maintenance calories – follow this link to calculate your maintenance – but should be high enough to achieve the anabolic state. 

How To Achieve The Best Bulking Results

People generally achieve the best results with a strict bulk and cut – also known as a clean bulk and cut. Some people opt for what’s known as a dirty bulk – eating as much as possible of anything dense with calories. A clean bulk focuses on eating nutrient and calorie-dense foods – such as chicken, rice, and vegetables. Some people also use supplements, like BCAA’s, creatine, and testosterone like steroids. Steroid use is definitely on the rise because they’re now so much easier to buy – one search of terms like steroids Canada will yield hundreds of results. During a bulk, people should focus on progressive overload and a higher rep range to build muscle. 

Cutting is relatively easy – although some will say cutting calories is the trickiest part – because the hard work has finished. When bulking, the muscle builds under a layer of natural fat. Once that layer of natural fat cuts away by eating in a calorie deficit – staying below the required maintenance calories – the muscles are revealed.

The Pros And Cons

There are only cons when someone doesn’t follow the principles of bulking and cutting. For example, a dirty bulk can promote unwanted health concerns, like a build-up of cholesterol and chemicals in the body that disrupt natural homeostasis. The positives typically outweigh the negatives – increased strength, muscle gain, and improved bone density. Researching the best approach to bulking and cutting and finding a plan that works for you is essential.

Bulking and cutting is one of the many trends evolving in modern gyms. People are now more obsessed with how they look than ever before – spending hours in the gym trying to get the most desirable form. Careful bulking and cutting is possibly the best way to build muscle naturally.



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