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Get Fit on the Go: Hotel Room Workout

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You’re leaving on a jet plane you don’t know when you’ll be back again….to the gym. We’ve all had the travel bug or jet setting around the world is our job. As amazing as it is, your body gets exhausted from long travel days, time differences and hotels.

Let’s be honest, working out on vacation or while travelling with the bare minimum is difficult and lacks motivation. Especially having to think about what to do, no equipment, and a bed that looks absolutely inviting with a first class seat in front of the TV.

Don’t let this kill your vibe! Working out anywhere is a breeze as long as you have your workout gear on, music pumping and a water bottle. You’re pretty much already at the finish line.

Here are some great workouts to keep you fit, moving and feeling good on your travelling days when you can’t get to a gym. These exercises will get your heart pumping and keep kicking that metabolisms butt in gear.


Jump Squats

Hip Thrusts  

* You may use a stabilizer here such as a cushion or lay your feet flat on the floor

Push Ups

Tricep Dips 

*Use a chair or end of the bed


Bicycle Crunch



For some added cardio to pick up your heart rate perform these 3 exercises for 1 minute with a 30 second break x 4

Jumping Jacks

High Knees



You cannot go wrong with always putting in a small workout. Even 15 minutes a day pushing at your maximum will make such a difference in how you feel. You also have the options of outdoor walking and running wherever you may be.

Don’t lose motivation when you’re away and travelling. You can do simple workouts in your hotel room, outside or even hit up some classes in the area if you’re willing to pay a small drop in fee. Possibilities are endless, don’t cut your gym session short because your routine changes. You got this!  


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