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How I Got My Hourglass Figure – Without a Waist Trainer

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Before I get started on how I was able to get that hourglass shape, I’d like to mention that everyone has a different image of beauty. Nevertheless, everyone has insecurities, and for me, it was my lean body type, which lacked the curves that I found made a woman look more feminine.

As a dancer, gaining weight was not an option for me as I needed to keep my performance weight and quite frankly, didn’t want to gain weight in the first place. I tried other methods, including a waist trainer, which was uncomfortable, unsustainable, and didn’t actually work. While surgery was an option, the last thing I wanted was to go under the knife. Don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with surgical procedures, it just isn’t for me. After doing some research on alternative methods, I learned that there was a non surgical option that can naturally increase the size of your butt through an injectable procedure called Sculptra. I didn’t really care about my flat chest and figured that increasing the size of my butt would give me that little bit of “curve” that I was looking for. So, here’s how it went!

The consult:

Living in New York, there were a ton of clinics that offered this procedure. The one that I ended up choosing was MiracleFace MedSpa, owned and run by Dr. Schwarzburg, M.D., who personally carried out the procedure. I’ll be honest, I was definitely nervous as I’ve never had any kind of cosmetic procedure and didn’t want to end up having that overdone look. During my consultation, we went over my goals and the overall process involved in getting the hourglass figure I wanted. I was told that Sculptra is somewhat unpredictable in a sense that I may need anywhere from one to five sessions depending on what I wanted and how I responded to the treatment. We agreed on starting with ten vials, which sounded like a lot, but turned out to be the perfect amount for me. 

The process:

When I came in for my Sculptra treatment at MiracleFace, I was cleaned up, sanitized, and injected with local anesthesia to make the overall process more comfortable. Once I was in the procedure room, I laid face down on a medical chair as I was sanitized one last time before the actual injection. The first injection was slightly uncomfortable, but not nearly as painful as it looked on the videos I had watched prior to my appointment. Once I got through the first injection, I barely felt a thing and the rest of the treatment was pretty much seamless. The whole thing took about 20 minutes and I was all set to go home. To get a more detailed breakdown of the scientific data behind this treatment be sure to go to their website, where it is explained in greater detail.

The results:

I was told that I would be seeing results within one to two months after the procedure. After my treatment, I experienced some discomfort, comparable to what a bruise feels like, bruising, and redness. This passed over the course of two weeks. Impatient as I am, I was analyzing my butt in the mirror daily, even though I knew it would take a while for me to see results. After one month had passed, I was slightly disappointed, being that there was absolutely no difference. After about seven weeks, I started noticing a difference in the size of my butt, which gave me some hope that maybe this treatment actually did work. Once I started seeing the initial results, it seemed like my butt just kept growing up until three months after the procedure.

The final result was an overall plumper butt, especially visible in my hips, which is the main area that was injected to achieve that hourglass look. Because I am petite, a little bit went a long way. Though the results were subtle, they were definitely visible, and enough for my standards. I was told that if I wanted something more dramatic, I would likely need at least two sessions, which I did consider, though my one session result was ultimately good enough for me. I also ended up doing a few EmSculpting sessions on my abdomen to tone up my abs for some extra definition. EmSculpt is a non-invasive procedure that uses electromagnetic energy to contract your muscles for you. Check out this link for more information on EmSculpting.

Overall I am happy with my results and was finally able to achieve that hourglass look I’ve been wanting. The results are natural looking, which is exactly what I wanted. Of course, all of these procedures are based on preference, so if you do want something more dramatic, all I can say is that with Sculptra you can expect to need more than just one session. What I loved about it was how easy it was, allowing me to get right back to work after my procedure, without having to worry about any downtime that I would have had if I had gone for a surgical procedure. Overall, Sculptra gets a thumbs up from me, and though my results are only expected to last up to three years, I can certainly see myself getting it done again once that time comes. If you are interested in getting Sculptra, be sure to consult with a trained medical professional, to ensure that you get the results you want, without the hassle of a surgery!


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